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Pablo Reinoso

Argentina Born in: 1955 Emerging artists

Born in 1955 in Buenos Aires, Pablo Reinoso is an up-and-coming Argentinian sculptor and designer. He is particularly known for his "Spaghetti Benches" that fill the space or for his reinterpretation of the Thonet chair, a symbol of industrial design.

Influenced by his highly educated French grandfather, who also embraced a DIY philosophy, Pablo Reinoso became interested cabinetmaking at a very young age. From his sculpture teacher taught he learned to appreciate noble materials and to treat them with the greatest respect. 

Showig great promise, the young Pablo obtained a scholarship in Italy where he specialized in marble sculpture. He finally settled permanently in Europe, in France. 

Contrary to mainstream, serious design, Pablo Reinoso creates objects of great quality but always fun and whimsical. He often uses incongruous materials and shapes that push the limits of what is possible to make. He puts into question fabrication processes and challenges material constraints. 

His career took a decisive turn in 2002 after he exhibited his installation "Ashes to Ashes" at the Casa de Américas in Madrid. Having reached maturity in his practice, in this piece he explores the ideas of society and political power.

In 2009, he launched the "Scribbing Benchs". Throughout the 2000s, Reinoso produced poetic works by revisiting ordinary benches and industrial chairs. With the "Scribbing Benchs" series, he went into new territories. He began his creative process with the material, in this case a very heavy steel beam, which he managed to twist in order to make public benches.  

In addition to sculpture, Pablo Reinoso is an established artist who produces modern paintings and draws day and night. In all his works, whatever their medium or the pictorial technique, we always find his sensitivity for beautiful things and his unique mastery of the craft.

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Few works remaining by Pablo Reinoso

These are the last remaining works by Pablo Reinoso.
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Our recommendations Pablo Reinoso, Cap i Cua, Print

Pablo Reinoso

Cap i Cua, 2020
50 x 200 cm


Our recommendations Pablo Reinoso, The Looping One, Sculpture

Pablo Reinoso

The Looping One, 2020
45 x 285 x 74 cm


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