Contemporary Still Life

Contemporary still life lovers are artists that continue the long-standing artistic tradition of still life. The artistic genre is considered to have originated in Dutch art of the 16th and 17th centuries, depicting plants, everyday inanimate objects, food and dead animals; anything that can be considered still. The genre once again gained widespread popularity in the Modern art era, something Paul Cézanne was known for, and even Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol experimented with.

Many contemporary still life artists such as Wendy Chazin and Graziella take a more visually traditional approach, creating paintings closely following Modern artists.

However in recent years, some artists have brought a new dimension to contemporary still life. Japanese artist Koji Kasatani focuses his work on sculpting the peel of a banana, reimagining the discarded, lifeless skin as a human being, doing different activities in everyday life. Meanwhile, Romanian artist Ana Popescu portrays everyday objects using basic shapes and vivid colours in order to bring them to life. American painter Amy Nelder has further modernized the genre, creating contemporary still life paintings focused on a central humourous or topical theme. 

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