France  • 1972


As a child, nothing resists me, from Elvis' record covers to Tintin and other Giant Super Scrooge, I copy everything.

As a teenager, I spent most of my time in class scribbling, caricaturing my classmates and teachers.

Then came the time of tagging, the time of Tore and the time of the graphic arts high school where I perfected my skills. From 1988, late at night, my signature begins to invade the 13th district, one of the high places of urban art in the capital where I do my classes at the Frigos, 91 quai de la gare.

From then on I regularly left my mark on streets, subways, roofs and catacombs.

In 1992, I painted my first visuals on recycled materials and continued this occasional work on canvas. I learn that ephemeral work on the street is often ungrateful.

Tired of multiple passages in front of the courts, but convinced that this minor art will become one day major, I decide around 1995 to live of my art officially and proposes frescos, illustrations, logos to the show business, the associative environment and the press.

Currently I always practice an authentic graffiti, without help of the technology and carried out essentially with the paint can.

I intervened inside and outside of La Tour Paris 13 and multiplies exhibitions in galleries and frescoes on the themes of the graffiti letter and the physiognomy. Recently I participated in the project of the painted cabins of the Molitor hotel and then realized two frescoes on building facades for the city of Kremlin Bicêtre in the Val de Marne.

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Sculpture, The city never sleeps, Tore

The city never sleeps


Sculpture - 205 x 33 x 32 cm Sculpture - 80.7 x 13 x 12.6 inch


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The year of birth of the artist is: 1972