Benjamin Borvon (artist name Monsieur Jamin) was born in Brest 1982. He is a self-taught artist who has been drawing since he was a child.

Monsieur Jamin started to paint only recently, but with great strength and determination and he considers the relationship he has with the canvas to be a fight. Monsieur Jamin believes, in fact, that the canvas reacts to her every "hit" or brush stroke.

From the paradox of his great talent emerge colored canvases full of humor and poetry. A hard and passinate worker, he creates remarkable compositions that allow him to evolve and create wonderful works.

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All artworks of Monsieur Jamin
Painting, Je rentre pas dans le moule, Monsieur Jamin

Je rentre pas dans le moule

Monsieur Jamin

Painting - 200 x 180 x 5 cm Painting - 78.7 x 70.9 x 2 inch


Painting, Tribal Animal, Monsieur Jamin

Tribal Animal

Monsieur Jamin

Painting - 130 x 162 x 3 cm Painting - 51.2 x 63.8 x 1.2 inch


Painting, Three People, Monsieur Jamin

Three People

Monsieur Jamin

Painting - 146 x 114 x 2.5 cm Painting - 57.5 x 44.9 x 1 inch


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What are their 3 main works?
What is Monsieur Jamin’s artistic movement?
The artistic movements of the artists are: Basquiat-Style Artists
When was Monsieur Jamin born?
The year of birth of the artist is: 1982