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Watercolour Paintings

You might think of watercolor painting as delicate, soft-colored pigments suspended in water, blending softly into paper. But in reality, watercolor is far more complex than this initial description. From travel diaries to abstract compositions, watercolor art lends itself not only to a variety of styles but is also used in combination with other techniques such as ink, drawing and collage. 

Unlike oil paint or acrylic paint, watercolor painting was considered as an old-fashioned, simple hobby reserved for amateur artists who paint charming countryside scenes. And yet, this art form is thriving nowadays, as watercolor artists multiply at a fast pace. At the very start, watercolor painting was employed mainly for landscapes, travel diaries, sketches and entry-level art studies. The quick-drying medium allowed artists to work fast, sometimes enabling them to achieve an impressive degree of precision, as demonstrated by Dürer's watercolors and his famous Young Hare.

Another watercolor master, Claude Lorrain, created quick sketches of Italian landscapes that capture the heat of the southern sun. His works of art will make you want to jet off and escape to Italy in an instant. Ultimately, it was William Turner at the end of the 19th century who revealed watercolor painting's ability to create truly atmospheric works. In his paintings, hues fade into one another, creating clouds of colors that transform familiar landscapes into mysterious destinations.

At the end of the 19th century, watercolor became a preferred technique among artists who valued the freedom of expression it allowed. Impressionists gravitated towards it for the spontaneity it allowed, while Auguste Rodin used it for sketching dancers. 

During the 20th century, watercolor prints came to inspire the first abstract paintings of Wassily Kandinsky. Other notable watercolor artists include Egon Schiele, Paul Klee and Emil Nolde. Although watercolor painting was abandoned for decades, it returned to the art scene once again in the 60s, thanks to artists like Raoul Dufy and Zao Wou-Ki. 

Today, many contemporary artists choose watercolor as their medium of choice, seeing as it allows for a variety of possibilities. Luckily, on Artsper there are a lot to choose from!

Discover the works of Valerio Adami, the Italian painter and engraver known for his surprising color palette and thick, black-line contours. You can also find Philippe Pasqua's emblematic skulls and butterflies. For those who prefer urban scenes, there's the work of Nadéra Benmansour, which captures the life and vibrancy of cities such as Paris and New York on paper.

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Our recommendations Gabrielle Rul, Le Café Pushkin, Painting

Gabrielle Rul

Le Café Pushkin, 2021
31 x 23 cm


Li Baoxun, Woman, Painting

Li Baoxun

Woman, 2013
27 x 18 x 1 cm


Camille Hilaire, Saint-Paul de Vence, Painting

Camille Hilaire

Saint-Paul de Vence, 1994
46 x 32 cm


André Bielen, Synopsie 561, Painting

André Bielen

Synopsie 561, 2015
73 x 56 cm


Our recommendations Isabelle Hirtzig, Happy December, Painting

Isabelle Hirtzig

Happy December, 2021
65 x 50 x 0.02 cm


Vittoretti, Les messagers de la joie 18, Painting


Les messagers de la joie 18, 2021
10 x 15 x 0.1 cm


Céline Pierzchala, Les cerfs-volants #225, Painting

Céline Pierzchala

Les cerfs-volants #225, 2021
29.7 x 42 x 0.5 cm


Niack One, Niackuarelle, Painting

Niack One

Niackuarelle, 2019
73 x 53 x 5 cm


Billy Dust, Luba leen, Painting

Billy Dust

Luba leen, 2021
80 x 120 x 1 cm


Kiko Rodriguez, Bailando, Painting

Kiko Rodriguez

Bailando, 2021
78 x 50 x 2 cm


Filogonio Naxín, Jkin chuu ngasundie (animals from earth), Painting

Filogonio Naxín

Jkin chuu ngasundie (animals from earth), 2019
90 x 72 cm


Maria Barrio, Laguna Verde, Painting

Maria Barrio

Laguna Verde, 2021
40 x 50 cm


Rina Mamani, Just one, Painting

Rina Mamani

Just one, 2021
35 x 25 cm


Our recommendations Yves Brayer, Les remparts de Vladimir, Painting

Yves Brayer

Les remparts de Vladimir, 1974
23.2 x 32 cm


Our recommendations Li Dongfeng, Landscape sketch 84, Painting

Li Dongfeng

Landscape sketch 84, 2019
49 x 49 x 1 cm


Our recommendations John Matos Crash, Sans titre AQ03, Painting

John Matos Crash

Sans titre AQ03, 2012
30 x 20 x 0.1 cm


Our recommendations André Masson, Portrait de Louise Labé, Painting

André Masson

Portrait de Louise Labé, 1972
50 x 65 cm


Sven Pfrommer, Urbn crowd I, Painting

Sven Pfrommer

Urbn crowd I, 2020
60 x 60 x 3 cm


Gustave Singier, Composition, Painting

Gustave Singier

Composition, 1962
14 x 23 x 0.1 cm


Lady K, Compo 1, Painting

Lady K

Compo 1, 2020
50 x 65 x 1 cm


Our recommendations Ghislaine Ferreira, Chouette, Painting

Ghislaine Ferreira

Chouette, 2019
51 x 36 x 1 cm


Jeong Min Lee, Delicatesse, Painting

Jeong Min Lee

Delicatesse, 2021
100 x 100 x 2 cm


Jean-Paul Agosti, Ciel n°IV, Painting

Jean-Paul Agosti

Ciel n°IV, 2009
16 x 16 cm


Our recommendations Lionel Estève, Untitled, Painting

Lionel Estève

Untitled, 2015
42 x 29 cm


Sonia Alins, Dona d'Aigua II, Painting

Sonia Alins

Dona d'Aigua II, 2016
52 x 52 x 4 cm


Mariusz Szalajdewicz, Citroen 15CV, Painting

Mariusz Szalajdewicz

Citroen 15CV, 2013
29 x 40 cm


Our recommendations Karishma D'Souza, The Red forest of the heart, Painting

Karishma D'Souza

The Red forest of the heart, 2019
28.2 x 34.5 cm


Our recommendations Michaël Brack, Méduse, Painting

Michaël Brack

Méduse, 2012
40 x 30 cm


Emilio Vedova, Abstract Composition, Painting

Emilio Vedova

Abstract Composition, 1950
25.5 x 19.3 x 0.1 cm

$9,436 $6,605

Qutang, Paysage chinois 104, Painting


Paysage chinois 104, 2019
65 x 22 x 1 cm


Gelitin, Gelatin pavillon - some like it hot, Painting


Gelatin pavillon - some like it hot, 2011
101.8 x 73 cm


Our recommendations Ian Hornak, Untitled (Abstract Still Life with Figure, Cascading Flowers and Plants), Painting

Ian Hornak

Untitled (Abstract Still Life with Figure, Cascading Flowers and Plants), 1963
74.9 x 53.3 cm


Antoine Stevens, Empreintes, Painting

Antoine Stevens

Empreintes, 2020
65 x 50 x 1 cm


Stanislaw Sobolewski, Apple tree, Painting

Stanislaw Sobolewski

Apple tree, 1992
92 x 61.5 cm


Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk, Murano canals, Painting

Wlodzimierz Karczmarzyk

Murano canals, 1993
75 x 52 cm


Bertrand de Vismes, Port de Procida, Italie -  série mer et océan, Painting

Bertrand de Vismes

Port de Procida, Italie - série mer et océan, 2020
65 x 50 cm


Our recommendations Magdalena Kalieva, Observers, Painting

Magdalena Kalieva

Observers, 2019
38 x 56 x 0.2 cm


Leszek Rózga, A fading flame, Painting

Leszek Rózga

A fading flame, 2007
32 x 25 cm


Barbara Szubinska, Untitled, Painting

Barbara Szubinska

Untitled, 1979
86.5 x 68.5 cm


Jessica Snow, Fling 3, Painting

Jessica Snow

Fling 3, 2015
37 x 26 cm


Ludomir Slupeczanski, Woods in Lucien, Painting

Ludomir Slupeczanski

Woods in Lucien, 2004
38 x 29 cm


Dariusz Aniszewski, Winter, Painting

Dariusz Aniszewski

Winter, 1996
69 x 49 cm


Marek Ejsmond, Untitled, Painting

Marek Ejsmond

Untitled, 2002
50 x 70 cm


Walter Krebs, Montagne, Painting

Walter Krebs

Montagne, 1936
83 x 69 x 0.3 cm


Alfréd Reth, Retrouvailles au jardin, Painting

Alfréd Reth

Retrouvailles au jardin, 1925
24 x 29 x 0.3 cm


Alexis Gorodine, Pinguoin, Painting

Alexis Gorodine

Pinguoin, 2015
40 x 30 cm


Georges Chappuis, Balade dans le Vieux Annecy, Painting

Georges Chappuis

Balade dans le Vieux Annecy, 1962
39 x 47 x 0.3 cm


Florine Maes, Jupiter, Painting

Florine Maes

Jupiter, 2019
50 x 65 x 1 cm


Icy & Sot, Unforced Hejab, Painting

Icy & Sot

Unforced Hejab, 2016
63.5 x 48.3 x 0.1 cm


Yi Zhong Xia, Paysages 200, Painting

Yi Zhong Xia

Paysages 200, 2020
34 x 27 x 1 cm


Zhongnan Chen, Lotus I, Painting

Zhongnan Chen

Lotus I, 2020
136 x 35 x 1 cm


Elizabeth Becker, Queen Anne's Lace No. 3, Painting

Elizabeth Becker

Queen Anne's Lace No. 3, 2020
50.8 x 40.6 cm


Michal Suffczynski, A River, Painting

Michal Suffczynski

A River, 2018
54 x 54 cm


Barbara Dyoniziak-Stuss, Spring, Painting

Barbara Dyoniziak-Stuss

Spring, 1991
29 x 22 cm


Han Qi, Géométrie Fiction N°3, Painting

Han Qi

Géométrie Fiction N°3, 2020
32 x 42 x 1 cm

$460 $414

Roberto Fonfria, Close Before Striking X, Painting

Roberto Fonfria

Close Before Striking X, 2014
50.8 x 40.6 x 2.5 cm


Franko Tencic, Untitled 26634 (Abstract painting), Painting

Franko Tencic

Untitled 26634 (Abstract painting), 2020
60.5 x 83.5 x 3 cm


Marco Araldi, Parishes of St.Giles and Bloomsbury, Painting

Marco Araldi

Parishes of St.Giles and Bloomsbury, 2020
51 x 48 x 4 cm


Jan Aniserowicz, Composition, Painting

Jan Aniserowicz

Composition, 1995
15 x 12 cm


Andrzej Pankowski, Snow, Painting

Andrzej Pankowski

Snow, 2005
47 x 67 cm


Ryszard Owczarek, Frédérick Chopin - Les Quatre Mazurkas, Painting

Ryszard Owczarek

Frédérick Chopin - Les Quatre Mazurkas, 2010
30 x 40 cm


Alain Boullet, L'eau et l'huile, Painting

Alain Boullet

L'eau et l'huile, 2017
50 x 33 cm


Ye Pu, Femme de la Ville I, Painting

Ye Pu

Femme de la Ville I, 2020
53 x 38 x 1 cm


Boxi Chen, Jeux de l'Echec Chinois, Painting

Boxi Chen

Jeux de l'Echec Chinois, 2020
34 x 34 x 1 cm


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