Tigran  Poghosyan was born on April 23, 1995, in Kapan, Syuniq region.

2001-2012 he studied at Kapan Secondary school No. 11.

 2004- 2009 I studied and graduated from Kapan Fine Art School.

2012-2019 he studied and graduated from National Polytechnic University of Armenia.

 2015-2019 Ihe studied and graduated with honors from the State Academy of Fine

Arts of Armenia, and was studied in Paravon Mirzoyan's art studio.

He participated in a number of exhibitions and international festivals, receiving certification and diplomas. In 2018 represented Armenia in the CIS master class in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan.

In 2019, at the "Student Summer" annual youth festival, he was awarded the title of " Best Student " in Kapan.

In 2023,  a joined exhibition with the Czech artist Frantisek Yurina entitled "Graphics and Color" took place on Suchdol Square in Prague. Now he lives and create in Prague, Czech Republic.

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All artworks of Tigran Pogosyan
Painting, Milena, Tigran Pogosyan


Tigran Pogosyan

Painting - 70 x 90 x 2 cm Painting - 27.6 x 35.4 x 0.8 inch


Painting, Dear City-Prague, Tigran Pogosyan

Dear City-Prague

Tigran Pogosyan

Painting - 90 x 70 x 2 cm Painting - 35.4 x 27.6 x 0.8 inch


Painting, The Mood, Tigran Pogosyan

The Mood

Tigran Pogosyan

Painting - 80 x 100 x 2 cm Painting - 31.5 x 39.4 x 0.8 inch


Painting, Its Me, Tigran Pogosyan

Its Me

Tigran Pogosyan

Painting - 60 x 80 x 2 cm Painting - 23.6 x 31.5 x 0.8 inch


Painting, Girl in the Forest, Tigran Pogosyan

Girl in the Forest

Tigran Pogosyan

Painting - 80 x 60 x 2 cm Painting - 31.5 x 23.6 x 0.8 inch


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When was Tigran Pogosyan born?
The year of birth of the artist is: 1995