Born in Lyon, self-taught visual artist for over 20 years.

Will.iam is simply another version of Rouge William but also and above all because I am in my sumical, electro and pop art culture.

“All art has its origin in an exceptional defect"

Maurice Blanchot

Pop art today allows me to let go of my creativity, my personality through unique works always under the sign of femininity.

“Art is the source of life, it is the spirit of progress, it gives the soul the most precious good: freedom. And no one enjoys it more than the artist."

Romain Rolland.

What is exciting about pop art is that I can connect materials together, fabrics, colors, resins and much more, in order to see original works unfold before my hands that I can surprise... everything the meaning of pop art.

“Painters and poets have always had the right to dare everything"


Finally, my job, which in itself is not a but rather a passion, gives meaning to my life, to my soul... the smells of graffiti bombs, resin, paints, my colored hands, the clothes healthy, it's me... William!

“The painter must not do what he sees but what will be seen."
Paul Valéry.

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Sculpture, Pop art casino, William Michel

Pop art casino

William Michel

Sculpture - 107 x 57 x 5.5 cm Sculpture - 42.1 x 22.4 x 2.2 inch


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The year of birth of the artist is: 1965