Reinier Bosch (b.1980 Groningen, The Netherlands) emerged as the top-graduating student from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007, winning the prestigious Melkweg Prize (Milky Way Prize). He was also named by Wallpaper MagazineTM as the second most promising, upcoming design talent in the world in 2008.

His works are layered, in the composition and arrangement of materials, as well as in the stories they tell. The observation of different cultures, the use of common materials, and the continuous references to everyday life, are redundant elements within his production. Bosch observes life in different cultures and translates what he experiences into his creative process.

Reinier's main source of inspiration comes from his travels to Italy, China, Tibet, Turkey, etc. Wandering in the streets of an unknown city, exploring the surroundings and behaviours, he observes details and transforms everyday objects into precious pieces of collectible design. All of Reinier Bosch's works share the same goal: showing the magnificence of life.

An unevenness or flaw in an object also invites a response from the viewer – both beauty and imperfections lead to contemplation and a widening of consciousness. Reinier Bosch would like to trigger this in the viewers, and to create a space for enjoyment of both the material quality of the objects and the joy of using something physically in harmony with its energy.

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All artworks of Reinier Bosch
Design, Ink reader, Reinier Bosch

Ink reader

Reinier Bosch

Design - 150 x 49 x 30 cm Design - 59.1 x 19.3 x 11.8 inch


Design, Secret lagoon, Reinier Bosch

Secret lagoon

Reinier Bosch

Design - 40 x 40 x 42 cm Design - 15.7 x 15.7 x 16.5 inch


Design, Dew black, Reinier Bosch

Dew black

Reinier Bosch

Design - 74 x 157 x 50 cm Design - 29.1 x 61.8 x 19.7 inch


Design, Flow black, Reinier Bosch

Flow black

Reinier Bosch

Design - 20 x 48 x 14 cm Design - 7.9 x 18.9 x 5.5 inch


Design, Champagne Chair - Doux, Reinier Bosch

Champagne Chair - Doux

Reinier Bosch

Design - 77 x 40 x 40 cm Design - 30.3 x 15.7 x 15.7 inch


Design, Champagne chair Brut, Reinier Bosch

Champagne chair Brut

Reinier Bosch

Design - 77 x 40 x 40 cm Design - 30.3 x 15.7 x 15.7 inch


Design, Ink writer black, Reinier Bosch

Ink writer black

Reinier Bosch

Design - 34 x 20 x 43 cm Design - 13.4 x 7.9 x 16.9 inch


Design, Blob Wall, Reinier Bosch

Blob Wall

Reinier Bosch

Design - 18 x 13 x 13 cm Design - 7.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 inch


Design, Ink Ethos, Reinier Bosch

Ink Ethos

Reinier Bosch

Design - 43.3 x 29.2 x 63.5 cm Design - 17 x 11.5 x 25 inch


Design, Lava (set of 2 side tables), Reinier Bosch

Lava (set of 2 side tables)

Reinier Bosch

Design - 38 x 62 x 10 cm Design - 15 x 24.4 x 3.9 inch


Design, Puddle Blue, Reinier Bosch

Puddle Blue

Reinier Bosch

Design - 42 x 65 x 18 cm Design - 16.5 x 25.6 x 7.1 inch


Design, Bang*, Reinier Bosch


Reinier Bosch

Design - 40 x 150 x 110 cm Design - 15.7 x 59.1 x 43.3 inch


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