Stunning Sculptures

Sculpture is an art form with a long and diverse history, the oldest known sculpture dating back approximately 37,000 years. From the Great Sphinx of ancient Egypt to classical Greek statues and the religious works of the Roman empire, sculpture has played an important role in many civilisations throughout history. 

The innovation of these past societies went on to shape the evolution of the entire history of art. The idealized style of ancient Greek figurative sculptures, for example, saw a resurgence in popularity during the Renaissance era, and is still prevalent in today's art world.

Contemporary artists working in sculpture draw inspiration from diverse aspects of art history. While many artists take influence from ancient sculpture, such as Massimiliano Pelletti, others use sculpture to explore contemporary subject matter, as in the works of Aspencrow. Sculpture today takes many forms and reflects the diverse nature of the world of contemporary art, impossible to assign to one set of characteristics or values. Come with Artsper to get inspired by the world of stunning contemporary sculpture today!

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