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Whether you are an interior designer, a business or a freelance professional, Artsper for Pros is the partner for all your interior design and decoration projects. Thanks to our partnerships with 1,800 professional art galleries, we now offer one of the largest catalogs of modern and contemporary art. Our team is in daily contact with hundreds of passionate artists around the world, allowing us to bring all your corporate art projects to life. Discover a new way to buy art for your company and to collaborate with artists, tailored to all your wants and needs!

A turnkey solution for businesses

  1. Personalized brief and selection of artworks

    Our team of art consultants will make a customized selection for you, based on your objectives and budget. Whether it's an interior design project for your home or your professional space, we offer several options and settings. Our experts will carefully study your brief and advise you on artist ratings, trending works, mediums, movements and techniques to purchase or rent artworks adapted to your needs.

  2. Negotiation of the works and adapted invoicing

    Once the works of art have been selected, we negotiate the prices directly with our galleries to save you precious time. Invoicing is adapted to your needs: deferred payment, tax advantages through leasing, etc. As a professional, a company or an independent professional, you can easily invest in art while benefiting from tax advantages and thus start your collection while dressing up your work spaces.

  3. Simplified logistics and continuous support

    Delivery is managed by our team according to your preferences. From the selection of works of art to their installation, you benefit from a dedicated contact person throughout your project. Whether it's a single piece of art or the complete furnishing of an interior or professional space, we manage all the little details to ensure a complete art purchasing solution, designed for businesses.

Artwork enterprise

What are the advantages of buying art for your company?

Tax benefits

Deduction of all rental payments from the company's taxable income, which allows you to benefit from tax savings. Purchase and leasing of paintings, sculptures or design pieces possible thanks to art leasing for companies and professionals.

Brand identity

Socially responsible investments reflect your company's values and differentiate you from the competition. Tailor-made artistic collaborations between brand and artist give you: contact with our artists, temporary or permanent exhibitions in your premises, creation of a joint product, creation of a capsule collection or packaging.


Stimulate the creativity of your employees and increase the value of your projects for your clients. Create a healthy work space for your employees, promote a distinctive image to your customers or set up an art and business collaboration to give a unique artistic touch to your brand.

Offers adapted to your industry

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