Abstract Sculptors

One of the first to break away from modern sculptural techniques was Auguste Rodin. By revisiting the original aesthetic language of sculpture he was able to rekindle a relationship between sculpture and the space it occupied. Shaking off the shackles of centuries-old narrative and figurative traditions would not be easy, so when Cubism came along it introduced geometrical shaping, flattening of the surface and fragmentation. Ultimately shying away from modeling in the traditional sense and using anything within the artist's reach to create a work and let the sculpture just simply be. The form of abstract sculpture truly transformed the space/object relationship and broke away from the old canons. Alongside Henry Moore, greater research was carried out into shapes, techniques, and proportions, direct carving, surreal natural shapes, and celebration of raw materials which helped sculpture to branch out and form the two parallel streams of its existence. The likes of Louise Nevelson, Jean Arp, Naum Gabo and Louise Bourgeois have continued to develop abstract sculpture, incorporating movement, playing with dimension and using not-so-traditional mediums to do so. Our own selection of works continues to hold this mantle with the likes of Beverly Morrison, Aldo Chaparro and Irena Tone available to explore.

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