Colorful Flat Illustrations

In the 21st century, colorful flat illustration is more popular than ever. However, this style is far from new. Characterized by two-dimensional forms and a lack of realistic visual effects, flat illustration has roots in various art historical styles and periods including Medieval art, the ceramic art of ancient Greece, and the German Bauhaus movement. These artistic movements all favored flat colors and forms over the illusion of depth. The resurgence in popularity of colorful flat illustrations in the world of art and design can additionally be seen as a reaction against the European tradition of academic art, which is characterized by a realistic style and idealized forms. 

Illustration artists working in bright, non-realistic colors create new and exciting worlds, often mixing reality and fantasy in surreal compositions. Many of these works also incorporate narrative, the typical function of illustration being to visualize aspects of the real world. From artists like La Robotte to Hunt Slonem, join Artsper as we take a journey through the colorful world of illustration!

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