Poetry of the Natural Form

The natural forms of the human body have long been a source of inspiration for visual artists and designers. From the figurative sculptures of ancient Greece to the world of photography, artists of varied styles and movements find beauty in its shapes, proportions, and movements. The body is also frequently depicted through art to express a diverse range of human emotions, as well as themes of culture, identity, and sexuality.

Our selection of artists using the human body as a means of poetic expression includes Ricky Cohete, Isabelle Lebret, and Michal Zahornacky. The photographic works of Ricky Cohete capture his subjects in a range of dynamic poses, often nude or partially nude, with some of his works referencing the classical sculptures of Antiquity through draped, cloth-like garments. Isabelle Lebret's monochrome paintings are visually powerful in their use of color, depicting mysterious and anguished figures that hide their faces. Fine art photographer Michal Zahornacky plays with color and distortion to push the boundaries of poetic expression in his works. 

These three artists are just some of our current favorites using the human body as a form of poetic expression. Discover the whole selection today, with genres ranging from sculpture, to painting, to photography!

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