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Summer Holidays

Here we go, it's finally the summer vacation, and we couldn't be happier for this well-deserved break. It's the perfect time to discover new horizons, escape from the dreary daily routine and enjoy long sunny evenings, watching the sunset, midnight dips... Poetic, summer a season for making memories and everytime it comes around we want it to last forever.

So why not make your summer last all year round with some art? Paintings of beautiful beaches or photographs of endless seas make the perfect getaway for escaping rainy days and rushed morning. Book a ticket with Artsper and get on board an all-inclusive tour of some of the most radiant contemporary artworks.

First on our list,  French photographer Charles Xelot travels the world with the aim of capturing the perfect shot. Let yourself be carried away to his mystical forests, his photographs' main subject. As for Marcos Zrihen, a Spanish painter, he focuses on wide-open spaces, especially deserts, where the small characters he paints are enhanced by the projection of their immense shadows. Bethany Harper Williams, an American painter, immortalises our sunny days at the beach with her radiant paintings. Similarly, Dutch photographer Joost Wensveen plays with the superposition of photographs; his seaside resort photographs won't fail to bring you back to your cherished summer memories. Finally, Eric Zener is a photorealistic artist and American autodidact, fascinated by water and more particularly man's relationship to it.

Associated with happiness and idleness, it isn't surprising that artists find inspiration in the whimsical sensations of summer. By recreating them in their art, they make our beloved season last forever.

With Artsper, travel through stunning trails and explore beautiful landscapes you might see on your way to your holiday destination… Have a nice trip!

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The freaks in the industry, Jade Fenu

The freaks in the industry

Jade Fenu

Painting - 50 x 38.5 x 4 cm


Jeux de plage, Nicolaï

Jeux de plage


Painting - 50 x 73 x 5 cm


Collection "Paris Autrement" / Shade and ligth, Franck Doat

Collection "Paris Autrement" / Shade and ligth

Franck Doat

Photography - 60 x 80 x 0.4 cm


On attendra l'hiver, Moi.

On attendra l'hiver


Painting - 60 x 50 cm


Deux stades de bronzage. Des filles près de l’eau, Alexei Lantsev

Deux stades de bronzage. Des filles près de l’eau

Alexei Lantsev

Painting - 42 x 62 cm


Antonio Ségui. Le fourmillement du monde, Antonio Segui

Antonio Ségui. Le fourmillement du monde

Antonio Segui

Print - 45 x 31 cm


Inventaire 100 - Cat Carnaval, Bernard Pras

Inventaire 100 - Cat Carnaval

Bernard Pras

Photography - 160 x 120 cm


Mediterranéa #7, Dan Bunea

Mediterranéa #7

Dan Bunea

Painting - 120 x 120 x 4 cm


Bérangère l'Etoile de Mer, Ti'Ou

Bérangère l'Etoile de Mer


Sculpture - 40 x 40 x 7 cm


Milor The Sea Horse, Ti'Ou

Milor The Sea Horse


Sculpture - 39 x 25 x 7 cm


Cabine de plage., Lola B

Cabine de plage.

Lola B

Painting - 65 x 81 x 2 cm


Oil tanker and beach, David Carey

Oil tanker and beach

David Carey

Photography - 30 x 46 x 0.1 cm