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Pop Art Print

Pop Art first appeared during the 1950s in the United Kingdom and has continued to inspire artists and audiences around the world today. Colored silk screen prints are as popular as ever.

Pop Art comes from the term 'Popular Art' and was one of the key art movements of the 20th century. It's characterized by the subjects it deals with as well as the techniques it employs. Pop Art does not depict noble or aristocratic figures. Instead, Pop art is focusses on mass culture, consumer society and popular, celebrity icons. 

The emergence of this movement occurred in stark contrast to Abstract Expressionism, another popular art trend at the time, conversely striving to dispossess the elite of their artistic exclusivity. Pop Art can manifest across painting, fashion and other mediums like sculpture, collage… Pop Art artists are presented with various options, and often take advantage of the limitless nature of this art form.

Characterized by specific visual and aesthetic criteria, Pop Art can be recognized by its various industrial processes, such as silk screening. This process involves using a stencil to copy the same image several times onto a canvas. Another notable element of Pop Art is the use of bright colors inspired by advertisements.

As art history reveals, the techniques and achievements of Pop Art were not held in high regard in its early days. They were even looked down on, mostly by the intellectual elite. It wasn't until the arrival of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, the two pioneers of the movement, that Pop Art became (for lack of a better term) popular. 

After Warhol and Lichtenstein, contemporary painting was completely transformed: an artwork's value no longer contingent on rarity or on the subject it depicted.

The two artists were supposedly influenced by the European Avant-Garde Artists exhibition that took place in New York, from 1960 to 61. That same year, they produced a collection of comic book-inspired works, including Lichtenstein's famous piece Look Mickey. However, their styles quickly evolved and they both went in rather different artistic directions.

Whereas Roy Lichtenstein continued to work with comics strips, making them entirely his own, Andy Warhol paved the way for post-modern contemporary art, using daily objects as his source of inspiration.

Having begun his career in advertising, Warhol broke free as an artist to reimagine American traditions and everyday items, making them seem out of the ordinary– extraordinary even. Campbell's Soup, Coca-Cola cans and Heinz Ketchup are just a few examples of his muses.

Pop Art's strong and somewhat sarcastic critique of consumer society included the representations of celebrities, actors and singers. Many of them had achieved idol status and cultish devotion. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor... the biggest stars in the 60s were immortalized by Warhol's bold colors and styles and rather kitsch-advertising style.

Similarly to Duchamp's Dadaism, Pop Art wanted to deconsecrate art or, at the very least, change our perception of it. Art became accessible to ordinary people, using symbols and objects that people were already familiar with.

Discover our collection of Pop Art prints, which includes some of the biggest names in contemporary art such as Andy Warhol and David Hockney, as well as Roy Lichtenstein, Takashi Murakami, Keith Haring, and works by emerging artists.

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Takashi Murakami, I Look Back and There, My Beautiful Memories, Print

Takashi Murakami

I Look Back and There, My Beautiful Memories, 2018 74 x 53 cm Print


Jisbar, Mona Evolution, Print


Mona Evolution, 2022 70 x 50 x 0.1 cm Print


Diederik Van Apple, Banksy amex small, Print

Diederik Van Apple

Banksy amex small, 2021 44 x 77 x 2 cm Print


Benny Arte, Snoopy : The Prettiest Star, Print

Benny Arte

Snoopy : The Prettiest Star, 2022 80 x 60 x 1 cm Print


Mr. Brainwash, All you need is he[art], Print

Mr. Brainwash

All you need is he[art], 2012 97 x 127 cm Print


Dganit Blechner, Betty 2, Print

Dganit Blechner

Betty 2, 2005 80 x 80 x 5 cm Print


Alik999, The world is yours, Print


The world is yours, 2022 60 x 60 x 1.2 cm Print


Yoko d'Holbachie, Circus, Print

Yoko d'Holbachie

Circus, 2022 33 x 33 x 0.1 cm Print


M_ Michael Mc Macfarney, David Versace, Print

M_ Michael Mc Macfarney

David Versace, 2022 125 x 60 x 0.3 cm Print


Rachid Lotf, Tribute to the 90s, Print

Rachid Lotf

Tribute to the 90s, 2022 90 x 60 cm Print


Erik Parker, Future, Print

Erik Parker

Future, 2020 58.1 x 54 cm Print


Piero Manai, Matite, Print

Piero Manai

Matite, 1980 50 x 150 x 0.1 cm Print


Vava Venezia, Surveillance  World, Print

Vava Venezia

Surveillance World, 2019 70 x 100 x 1 cm Print


Ernesto Yerena Montejano, Yaqui day of the dead copper silver, Print

Ernesto Yerena Montejano

Yaqui day of the dead copper silver, 2020 61 x 46 x 0.2 cm Print


Keith Haring, Untitled (From the Valley Series), Print

Keith Haring

Untitled (From the Valley Series), 1989 35.6 x 30.5 x 2.54 cm Print


Mitch McGee, Don't Try So Hard, Print

Mitch McGee

Don't Try So Hard, 2022 50.8 x 50.8 x 0.3 cm Print


Kenny Scharf, Places Please, Print

Kenny Scharf

Places Please, 1978 53.3 x 85.1 x 2.57 cm Print


Roby Dwi Antono, Di Restoran, Print

Roby Dwi Antono

Di Restoran, 2021 51 x 69 cm Print


Ben Eine, I'm So Happy Very Very Happy, Print

Ben Eine

I'm So Happy Very Very Happy, 2021 70 x 50 x 0.5 cm Print


Snik, By Your Side (Gold), Print


By Your Side (Gold), 2012 102.1 x 72 x 2.54 cm Print


Zak, Piscou art Lover, Print


Piscou art Lover, 2020 120 x 80 x 1.3 cm Print


Mau Mau, Fake News - Olive, Print

Mau Mau

Fake News - Olive, 2019 50 x 70 x 0.5 cm Print


La Fleuj, Série graphique, Print

La Fleuj

Série graphique, 2021 42 x 30 x 1 cm Print


Rero, C'est la vie..., Print


C'est la vie..., 2022 61 x 51 x 0.1 cm Print


Miles Aldridge, Venus Etcetera (after Cabanel), Print

Miles Aldridge

Venus Etcetera (after Cabanel), 2021 162 x 111.1 x 1 cm Print


Tomer Hanuka, A Quiet Place, Print

Tomer Hanuka

A Quiet Place, 2020 91.5 x 61 cm Print


Nordine El Abbouni (Don), Ali vs Donald, Print

Nordine El Abbouni (Don)

Ali vs Donald, 2022 49 x 70 x 0.1 cm Print


Chanoir, Used to be Cats (en collaboration avec Dize 156), Print


Used to be Cats (en collaboration avec Dize 156), 2022 70 x 50 x 0.1 cm Print


Zedsy, Reduced Soup Can, Print


Reduced Soup Can, 1980 50 x 36 x 2 cm Print


Deborah Kass, OY, Print

Deborah Kass

OY, 2020 81.3 x 76.2 cm Print


Bur, Mon Lion, Print


Mon Lion, 2021 40 x 30 x 3 cm Print


Pablo Echaurren, Still Life with Braque, Print

Pablo Echaurren

Still Life with Braque, 1995 100 x 103 x 0.1 cm Print


Suketchi, Mickey Mouse Hermès Balloon, Print


Mickey Mouse Hermès Balloon, 2022 70 x 70 x 0.3 cm Print


Utopia, The Apocalypse, Print


The Apocalypse, 2022 70 x 50 x 0.2 cm Print


Camille Poli, Flower Joconde, Print

Camille Poli

Flower Joconde, 2022 50 x 40 x 0.1 cm Print


Arnault Andolina, Mario, Print

Arnault Andolina

Mario, 2019 30.5 x 26 x 1 cm Print


Kaixin Lyu, 32°C - Reproduction digigraphie, Print

Kaixin Lyu

32°C - Reproduction digigraphie, 2021 70 x 50 cm Print


Jean-Luc Celereau de Clercq, Under the mask, Print

Jean-Luc Celereau de Clercq

Under the mask, 2010 60 x 45 cm Print


Moolinex, La solution à tout, Print


La solution à tout, 2021 40 x 30 cm Print


Roco Studio, Vermeerlism Pattern, Print

Roco Studio

Vermeerlism Pattern, 2020 100 x 100 x 2 cm Print


#OneLife183, Bubblicious, Print


Bubblicious, 2022 60 x 60 x 5 cm Print


Laksamana Ryo, RYOL (Dreamer), Print

Laksamana Ryo

RYOL (Dreamer), 2022 90.9 x 71.9 x 2.57 cm Print


Sarah B., Amy blue, Print

Sarah B.

Amy blue, 2021 100 x 100 x 2 cm Print


Nicolas Dobkine, Complete Love Vol.27, 1952, Print

Nicolas Dobkine

Complete Love Vol.27, 1952, 2022 61 x 46 x 0.2 cm Print


Patrick Rubinstein, La vie est belle à Montmartre, Print

Patrick Rubinstein

La vie est belle à Montmartre, 2022 69 x 69 x 4 cm Print

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Our recommendations Miss Bugs, Augmented skies yellow, Print

Miss Bugs

Augmented skies yellow, 2021 113 x 81 cm Print


Devin Miles, Marilyn, Print

Devin Miles

Marilyn, 2010 50 x 50 x 2.3 cm Print


Karl Lagasse, Lithographie To Rob a Bank Minimaliste, Print

Karl Lagasse

Lithographie To Rob a Bank Minimaliste, 2021 46 x 32 x 0.02 cm Print


Our recommendations Romero Britto, To Happiness, Print

Romero Britto

To Happiness, 2020 35 x 28 x 2 cm Print


Our recommendations Samsofy, René, Print


René, 2014 40 x 30 x 1 cm Print


Myriam Baudin, No Stairway 2 Heaven, Print

Myriam Baudin

No Stairway 2 Heaven, 2017 92 x 60 x 0.2 cm Print


Our recommendations Antonio Cagianelli, Sfinge, Print

Antonio Cagianelli

Sfinge, 2019 50 x 110 x 5 cm Print


Gomor, Wonder Woman - Orange, Print


Wonder Woman - Orange, 2018 60 x 60 x 0.3 cm Print


Our recommendations Maria Qamar, Party, Print

Maria Qamar

Party, 2020 101.6 x 76.2 cm Print


Harissart, Dollar Lotus, Print


Dollar Lotus, 2021 30 x 70 x 1 cm Print


Maurice Douard, Mur 18, Print

Maurice Douard

Mur 18, 2020 70 x 70 cm Print


Aiiroh, Campbell's N5, Print


Campbell's N5, 2016 70 x 50 x 0.3 cm Print


Christophe Catelain, Life is Pop, Print

Christophe Catelain

Life is Pop, 2019 50 x 50 x 2.5 cm Print


Pose, Yield, Print


Yield, 2019 76 x 56 x 0.1 cm Print


Susannah MacDonald, Times Square, Print

Susannah MacDonald

Times Square, 1990 83.8 x 63.5 cm Print


Frank E Hollywood, The Cat is out of the bag, Print

Frank E Hollywood

The Cat is out of the bag, 2021 90 x 70 x 0.1 cm Print


Our recommendations Erte Tirtoff, Modern Sports Dress for Men, Print

Erte Tirtoff

Modern Sports Dress for Men, 1968 76.2 x 50.8 cm Print


Antoine Graff, Monade, Print

Antoine Graff

Monade, 2020 53 x 41 x 7.5 cm Print


Our recommendations Yoshitomo Nara, Miss Spring, Print

Yoshitomo Nara

Miss Spring, 2021 29 x 25 x 0.1 cm Print


Our recommendations Batik, Cherry Kate, Print


Cherry Kate, 2020 50 x 50 cm Print


Daru, The Boss (Edition Spéciale 30 ex. Rehaussée à la main), Print


The Boss (Edition Spéciale 30 ex. Rehaussée à la main), 2021 90 x 60 x 0.1 cm Print


Our recommendations Kobalt, On The Road Again, Print


On The Road Again, 2020 50 x 50 x 0.2 cm Print


Robert Sgarra, Carré Art london, Print

Robert Sgarra

Carré Art london, 2021 35.5 x 35.5 x 4 cm Print


Our recommendations Mr., Corn Dogs are Best When Hot, Print


Corn Dogs are Best When Hot, 2021 45 x 65 cm Print


Steve Kaufman, Campbell’s Soup Can II (Cream of Mushroom), Print

Steve Kaufman

Campbell’s Soup Can II (Cream of Mushroom), 1997 88.9 x 58.4 x 5.1 cm Print


Kaspar Thomas Lenk, Series C, Print

Kaspar Thomas Lenk

Series C, 1971 67.3 x 67.3 cm Print


Our recommendations Ben Frost, 1984, Print

Ben Frost

1984, 2021 18 x 18 cm Print


Agnès Robin, Bubble gum, Print

Agnès Robin

Bubble gum, 2020 66 x 66 x 3.8 cm Print


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