The benefits of collecting drawing

Much like prints and photographs, drawings are a great way to start an art collection. Drawings are a way for collectors to acquire an original piece by an great artist but which might be cheaper as it is not a completed work, for instance a sketch or study.

The medium's price helps when it comes to collecting drawings, which are more affordable than sculptures or paintings. This makes it easier to grow your collection quickly and therefore decorate your interior more easily!

What's more, it is only in recent years that drawing has made a comeback on the contemporary art scene. There is no shortage of salons and exhibitions focused on this medium, for example the Salon du Dessin (organised since 1991) or the Drawing Now Paris Salon, inaugurated in 2007.

Every year for the last nine years, the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation has awarded a prize for contemporary drawing; its participants and winner are an excellent source of inspiration for new collectors.