Lithography Print for Sale

Print, Tres Llibres, Joan Miró

Tres Llibres

Joan Miró

Print - 82 x 57 x 0.5 cm


Print, Mestres de Catalunya, Antoni Tapies

Mestres de Catalunya

Antoni Tapies

Print - 100 x 70 x 0.04 cm


Print, Sans titre Nantes, Jacques Villeglé

Sans titre Nantes

Jacques Villeglé

Print - 64 x 45 cm


Print, Nature morte, Fernand Léger

Nature morte

Fernand Léger

Print - 32 x 42 cm


Print, La danse royale, Salvador Dali

La danse royale

Salvador Dali

Print - 60.5 x 45.5 x 0.1 cm


Print, Hasards système et téléphone, François Morellet

Hasards système et téléphone

François Morellet

Print - 30.5 x 25 cm


Print, Sans titre 4, Vincent Mauger

Sans titre 4

Vincent Mauger

Print - 74 x 103.5 cm


Print, Da Vinci Muse par Aiiroh & Namisen, Aiiroh

Da Vinci Muse par Aiiroh & Namisen


Print - 75 x 75 x 0.2 cm


Print, La Camara da Letto, Valerio Adami

La Camara da Letto

Valerio Adami

Print - 52.5 x 74 x 0.1 cm


Print, La révolution Française (Tuileries), Bernard Buffet

La révolution Française (Tuileries)

Bernard Buffet

Print - 65 x 107 x 0.2 cm


Print, Cheval mourant, Pablo Picasso

Cheval mourant

Pablo Picasso

Print - 32 x 49 x 0.1 cm


Print, Le poète, Georges Braque

Le poète

Georges Braque

Print - 30 x 65 x 1 cm


Print, Portrait I, Antonio Saura

Portrait I

Antonio Saura

Print - 65 x 50 cm


Print, Retour à la Caverne - Acte I, 12 septembre 2023, 20h40, Palais Garnier, Paris, France, 2023, JR

Retour à la Caverne - Acte I, 12 septembre 2023, 20h40, Palais Garnier, Paris, France, 2023


Print - 70 x 100 cm


Print, Bistro, René Gruau


René Gruau

Print - 72.4 x 53.3 x 0.6 cm


Print, Désertique, Bram van Velde


Bram van Velde

Print - 65 x 65.5 cm


Print, Creation of Adam Lips, Led Mansion

Creation of Adam Lips

Led Mansion

Print - 100 x 150 x 2.5 cm


Print, Galactic flying object, Pierre Alechinsky

Galactic flying object

Pierre Alechinsky

Print - 65.5 x 48 x 0.1 cm


Print, A Bird in the Hand, Beryl Cook

A Bird in the Hand

Beryl Cook

Print - 66 x 53.3 x 5.1 cm


Print, Composition, Jacques Villon


Jacques Villon

Print - 22 x 15 x 0.2 cm


Print, Menton, Pierre Tal-Coat


Pierre Tal-Coat

Print - 75 x 49 x 0.1 cm


Print, Cygne, Graham Sutherland


Graham Sutherland

Print - 73.5 x 50.5 x 0.1 cm


Print, Picasso, Erró



Print - 46 x 64 cm


Print, Wallet, Sonia Delaunay


Sonia Delaunay

Print - 48.3 x 35.6 x 2.5 cm


Print, When looking at this with closed eyes (dyptique), Shusaku Arakawa

When looking at this with closed eyes (dyptique)

Shusaku Arakawa

Print - 105 x 146 x 0.1 cm


Print, Sans-titre, Claude Viallat


Claude Viallat

Print - 37.5 x 24 cm


Print, After Hours II, Susan Hartenhoff

After Hours II

Susan Hartenhoff

Print - 63.5 x 45.7 x 5.1 cm


Print, Untitled, Giuseppe Capogrossi


Giuseppe Capogrossi

Print - 65.5 x 60.5 x 0.18 cm


Print, Règne vertical - Pleni Luna, Wifredo Lam

Règne vertical - Pleni Luna

Wifredo Lam

Print - 62 x 49.5 cm


Print, Roman photo n°21, Jacques Monory

Roman photo n°21

Jacques Monory

Print - 85 x 83 cm


Print, Serrage-Local, Peter Klasen


Peter Klasen

Print - 75.5 x 55.5 x 0.1 cm


Print, Spirale millepiedi, Alexander Calder

Spirale millepiedi

Alexander Calder

Print - 84 x 56.6 cm


Print, Bleu, Claude Gilli


Claude Gilli

Print - 55 x 75 cm


Print, Abstract Composition, Gerrit Westerveld

Abstract Composition

Gerrit Westerveld

Print - 0.1 x 50 x 70 cm


Print, Compression De Moto, César Baldaccini

Compression De Moto

César Baldaccini

Print - 50 x 65 cm


Print, Mask Face Personage, Appel

Mask Face Personage


Print - 75 x 56 x 0.05 cm


Print, Portrait féminin (d'après), Amedeo Modigliani

Portrait féminin (d'après)

Amedeo Modigliani

Print - 55 x 40 x 0.2 cm


Print, Sans titre, Marco Reichert

Sans titre

Marco Reichert

Print - 76 x 58 cm


Print, La chevelure, Henri Matisse

La chevelure

Henri Matisse

Print - 69 x 49 x 0.1 cm


Print, Figure/Ornement, Jan Siversten


Jan Siversten

Print - 56 x 44 cm


Print, Lighthouse, Morten Schelde


Morten Schelde

Print - 70 x 100 cm


Print, Impression, Vhils



Print - 70 x 50 cm


Print, La Chaux de Fonds, Pablo Palazuelo

La Chaux de Fonds

Pablo Palazuelo

Print - 84.5 x 59.4 cm


Print, Pulling Out, James Rosenquist

Pulling Out

James Rosenquist

Print - 64.8 x 76.8 x 0.2 cm


Print, Reflections on Minerva, Roy Lichtenstein

Reflections on Minerva

Roy Lichtenstein

Print - 106.7 x 131.4 x 2 cm


Print, Probeblatt, Geiger Rupprecht


Geiger Rupprecht

Print - 59 x 41.5 x 0.1 cm


Print, Ties, Jim Dine


Jim Dine

Print - 86 x 60 x 0.1 cm


Print, The Needles, Christophe Blain

The Needles

Christophe Blain

Print - 103.5 x 77 x 0.1 cm


Print, MOD 23, Lidia Masllorens

MOD 23

Lidia Masllorens

Print - 152 x 145 x 5 cm


Print, Les Bonnes Questions, Célia Eid

Les Bonnes Questions

Célia Eid

Print - 91 x 63 x 0.1 cm


Print, The Door, Lorenzo Indrimi

The Door

Lorenzo Indrimi

Print - 70 x 50 x 0.2 cm


Print, Métro Parisien, François Boisrond

Métro Parisien

François Boisrond

Print - 58.5 x 46.5 x 0.1 cm


Print, Bastille - Acte III, Silvère Jarrosson

Bastille - Acte III

Silvère Jarrosson

Print - 67 x 86 cm


Print, After a Sunday, Le Oben

After a Sunday

Le Oben

Print - 70 x 50 x 0.1 cm


Print, Petite montagne, André Masson

Petite montagne

André Masson

Print - 45 x 32 x 0.2 cm


Print, Bola, Equipo Cronica


Equipo Cronica

Print - 69 x 44 cm


Print, Totem, Giulio Marelli


Giulio Marelli

Print - 50 x 65 x 0.2 cm


Print, Peace Collector, Alexandra Nechita

Peace Collector

Alexandra Nechita

Print - 78.7 x 58.4 x 0.6 cm


Print, Farandole 15, Hans Hartung

Farandole 15

Hans Hartung

Print - 49 x 74 x 0.2 cm


Print, Powerful Crazy Love, Margot Laffon

Powerful Crazy Love

Margot Laffon

Print - 89 x 61 x 0.1 cm


Print, Future, Raphael Soyer


Raphael Soyer

Print - 43.2 x 27.9 x 5.1 cm


Print, Sans titre, Jean Tinguely

Sans titre

Jean Tinguely

Print - 23 x 34.5 x 0.2 cm


Print, Profilo di donna, Carlo Marcantonio

Profilo di donna

Carlo Marcantonio

Print - 68 x 48 x 0.3 cm

$678 $610

Print, L’Italia del centenario, Giorgio de Chirico

L’Italia del centenario

Giorgio de Chirico

Print - 100 x 70 cm


Print, Les amoureux / Lovers - 1909, Egon Schiele

Les amoureux / Lovers - 1909

Egon Schiele

Print - 54 x 50 cm


Print, Gold Age, Jacob Rantzau

Gold Age

Jacob Rantzau

Print - 150 x 108 cm


Print, Sans Vie, Jean-Michel Folon

Sans Vie

Jean-Michel Folon

Print - 50 x 57 x 0.1 cm


Print, Zoo visit / Flamingos, Kelly Beeman

Zoo visit / Flamingos

Kelly Beeman

Print - 42.6 x 52.5 cm


Print, Untitled, Rafael Bartolozzi


Rafael Bartolozzi

Print - 75 x 56 x 0.1 cm


Print, Les gardians, Yves Brayer

Les gardians

Yves Brayer

Print - 74 x 54 cm


Print, Pas tout seul, David Vanadia

Pas tout seul

David Vanadia

Print - 20 x 15 x 1 cm


Print, Sans titre 1, René Holm

Sans titre 1

René Holm

Print - 65 x 48 cm


Print, Nonchalance, Alfred Defossez


Alfred Defossez

Print - 74 x 54 cm


Print, Présences 1 Poésie Louis Guillaume, Jeanne Esmein

Présences 1 Poésie Louis Guillaume

Jeanne Esmein

Print - 25.5 x 60 x 0.25 cm


Print, Saison bleue, Chu Teh-Chun

Saison bleue

Chu Teh-Chun

Print - 44.5 x 34.5 cm


Print, Untitled, Arnau Alemany


Arnau Alemany

Print - 61 x 76 x 0.1 cm


Print, Il se passe quelque chose dans le ciel, Christophe Hohler

Il se passe quelque chose dans le ciel

Christophe Hohler

Print - 76 x 56 x 1 cm


Print, Happy Hour, Simon Bang

Happy Hour

Simon Bang

Print - 57 x 77.5 cm


Print, Vanité, Pei-Ming Yan


Pei-Ming Yan

Print - 76 x 118 x 0.5 cm


Print, Untitled, Romain Duris


Romain Duris

Print - 44 x 34 cm


Print, Urban Symphony, Thomas  Canto

Urban Symphony

Thomas Canto

Print - 70 x 90 cm


Print, Sans titre, Marion Semple

Sans titre

Marion Semple

Print - 50 x 35 x 1 cm


Print, La Chine passe aux trente-cinq heures, Rero

La Chine passe aux trente-cinq heures


Print - 76 x 59 x 0.2 cm


Print, Sous bois et lac, Camille Hilaire

Sous bois et lac

Camille Hilaire

Print - 76 x 56 x 0.1 cm


Print, I Love New York, Katherine Bernhardt

I Love New York

Katherine Bernhardt

Print - 99.7 x 74.3 x 2 cm


Print, Cactus, Tony Soulié


Tony Soulié

Print - 90 x 76 x 0.5 cm


Print, Provence, Roger Mühl


Roger Mühl

Print - 76 x 55 cm


Print, Volute, Najia Mehadji


Najia Mehadji

Print - 105 x 75 cm


Lithography Print for Sale

Lithography is a printing technique which allows for the creation and reproduction of a design drawn in ink or in pencil on a stone (often limestone), using a press. The technique first appeared at the end of the 18th century in Germany and quickly became popular across Europe throughout the 19th century. Although the supports it uses and the way it is used have considerably changed, it is still a commonly used process today. Lithography uses a chemical process which is based on the immiscibility of water and oil. The image is drawn directly onto the stone slate using ink or a wax pencil or 'transferred' using transfer paper. The limestone is then moistened and covered with a greasy ink. As the ink is hydrophobic, it only adheres to the lines of the drawing and is repelled by the wet areas. Paper is then applied to the stone slate and pressed.

Over time, this technique was adapted to new supports other than stone, such as zinc and aluminium. In the 19th century in particular, lithography was used for a whole host of different purposes. In newspaper publishing, its quick production rate made it a popular choice for printing news illustrations, where being the first to publish a new story is still a top priority. Lithography is also used for more commercial purposes (stickers, printing sheet music) as well as an artistic form of expression.

We are of course most interested in looking at how this technique has been used artistically. It has two main functions. The first is as an artistic medium; artists like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec worked with lithography to create several copies of an original piece, whereas other artists use it as a way of copying their works. Highly fashionable at the time, we can still see numerous Art Nouveau and Art Deco inspired lithographs today.

Lithography can produce typographic and artistic creations in a short space of time. It allows artists to reproduce original drawings very easily. It also gives the artist the opportunity to explore an endless number of creative possibilities and explore an infinite array of styles.

In the 20th century, lithography was commonly used to create exhibition posters and by-products which were often created by the artists themselves. Miro and Picasso for example created a large number of posters using this technique.

Today, only artistic lithography remains. In a similar way to photography or engraving, lithographs come in multiple examples. The market value varies depending on the artist's popularity and the quality of the print, but also depending on the number of copies that exist. It is important for the buyer to know the number attributed to the lithograph and the total number of copies made, as detailed in the 'certificate of authenticity' which helps to prevent fraudulent copies.

When looking through Artsper, you will find lithographs from some of the 20th century's biggest names, including (Niki de Saint Phalle, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jean Cocteau, Victor Vasarely, Salvador Dali, Zao Wou-Ki...) but also from famous contemporary artists such as Hervé Télémaque, Yan Pein Ming and many others. All of the lithographs sold by Artsper have been carefully chosen. Artsper only selects works which come from limited editions with a maximum of 300 examples or which have been signed by the artist.

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Need help with Lithography Print ?

How are lithography prints made?

Lithography prints are made by drawing an image onto the printing surface, usually a smooth stone or metal plate, with materials such as litho crayons or specialized oily pencils. The artwork is then printed onto a material of choice. 

What is the difference between a lithograph and a print?

A lithograph is a type of print. Printing encompasses various different methods, whereas lithography refers to the specific process of using a stone or metal surface and oil-based inks to create a final printed work.

What is lithography used for?

Lithography is used to print fine artworks, as well as other printed media such as text.