Colorful pop sculptors

Coinciding with the globalization of pop music and youth culture, Pop Art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-50s in Britain and in the late 50s in the United States. Imagery from popular culture challenged traditions of fine art and though it included different styles of painting and indeed sculpture from different countries, it was linked by a common thread – mass-media, mass-culture and mass-production. The ironic emphasis of the banal was used by artists to poke fun at the elitist culture of art (think Andy Warhol's Brillo Soap Box sculpture, 1964). It is especially apparent that Pop Art is here to stay in sculpture, with major artists like Jeff Koons, Richard Orlinski and more using the movements key elements in their monumental works. Playing with mediums and as a reaction to today's visual culture, color has become a huge feature in works by artists found on Artsper like that of Diederik Van Apple. Combining digital techniques with epoxy (and lots of color) Van Apple has created his own pop art, whilst the likes of Francoise Abraham uses color in her sculpture to express joy of which the movement is no stranger to.

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