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Hui-Chi Chuang

Taiwan Born in: 1989

Mr. Chuang Hui-Chi was born in Taiwan in 1989, graduating with a master degree in Fine Arts (MFA), Group of

Ink Wash Painting from Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) in 2015.

I am enthusiastic about traveling, living, and creating. Therefore, often you may see animals and plants being the

main themes of my paintings as I can build up a unique world view between realism and imagination through

them, and I enjoy doing so. Hopefully, people can find happiness and hope in my works even when life is full of

tragedy and despair.

Solo Exhibition |

2020 Grand Tour-GongbiArt Exhibition / A time to Combine

2019 Autumn Rain GongbiArt Exhibition / kiga cultuer tearoom

2018 Mr.CHUANG GongbiArt Exhibition /Toner Gallery

Group Exhibition |

2019 DimensionsTaichung∞/ The Place Taichung

2019 Spectacle Art fashionblock taipei

2019 Taiwan Southern Ink Art /Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

2018 Taiwan Southern Ink Art /National Tainan Living Art Center

2017 Toner Gallery 1st Exhibition/Toner Gallery

2017 Taiwan Southern Ink Art/Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

2016 GongbiArt Exhibition/ Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

2014 Luminous Art Marketing

2014 Tainan Art Exhibition / Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

2014 GongbiArt Exhibition Huaiya Chapter

2011 Yu Shan Art Exhibition

2009 Nanying Awards

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Few works remaining by Hui-Chi Chuang

These are the last remaining works by Hui-Chi Chuang.
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Hui-Chi Chuang, Heaven, Painting

Hui-Chi Chuang

Heaven, 2020
97 x 122 x 3 cm


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