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Luce Couillet Tirage N°4, 2019


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PARIS, France

Artsper seller since 2019
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About the work
  • Medium

    Sculpture : wood

  • Dimensions cm | inch

    36 x 35 x 0.1 cm

  • Display

    The sculpture cannot be displayed outdoors

  • Type

    Numbered and limited to 3 copies
    1 remaining copy

  • Authenticity

    Work sold with an invoice from the gallery
    and a certificate of authenticity

  • Signature

    Hand-signed by artist

  • About the artwork

    Artwork sold in perfect condition

    Luce Couillet uses weaving techniques to create one-of-a-kind and limited-edition mobiles. Articulated around a hand-woven “spine" and decorated with different materials (wood, horsehair, paper, metal), weaving acts as a binding and assembly vector to bring the mobiles to life. The central axis creates a stable, guiding structure which anchors the different shapes revolving around it and moving according to the artist’s intention. The overall effect of the materials and techniques used is an authentic and subtly contemporary mix.

    Luce’s finishing touch in this artisanal approach to construction is the use of laser technology, which she employs to cut the mobiles’ exacting edges before or after weaving. The shapes obtained are simple, seemingly unsophisticated. But this refined geometry is revisited through transparency and anamorphosis. By playing with different scales, the mobiles become decorative elements or real architectural drawings. Luce works on both personal designs and custom orders.
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Origin: France
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Luce Couillet

France Born in: 1985

Initiated in product design at the Decorative Arts Reims. She specializes in the design of materials, materials and textile products. She took advantage of a residency at the Ateliers de Paris to set up her research workshop in 2011, and collaborate with the Swiss publisher Création-Baumann. Passionate about innovation, the practice of weaving allows her to compose an experimental material library that she offers to different sectors: haute-couture, interior architecture. She works regularly for the Manufacture Cogolin.

Collected by Museum of Modern Art of Paris - 2014.

Grand Prize of the creation of the city of Paris - 2012.

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Luce Couillet, Tirage N°4
Luce Couillet, Tirage N°4 Luce Couillet, Tirage N°4 Luce Couillet, Tirage N°4