Nemanja Nikolic

Nemanja Nikolic

United Kingdom • 1977

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Nemanja Nikolic

Painting, Seven Little Words, Nemanja Nikolic

Seven Little Words

Nemanja Nikolic

Painting - 150.1 x 150.1 x 4.1 cm Painting - 59.1 x 59.1 x 1.6 inch



Nemanja Nikolic is a British artist based in London, specialized in abstract paintings.  Entropy, color theory, texture, and composition form the essence of his abstract paintings, and he constantly seeks the most pleasing mix of every component. Often using non-traditional tools he produces pieces marked by subtle texture, consistent colour, and an engrossing pull.

Awards & Distinctions:

2007 – First place prize winner in the photography section of PREMIO ARTE MONDADORI for work 'FISHING'

Selected Exhibitions:

2019 - The Christmas Auction - The Auction Collective - Menier Gallery, London
2019 - The Summer Auction - The Auction Collective -Candid Arts, London EC1V 1NQ

2016 - Acesa - Arte illuminata, curated by Giorgio D'Orazio
2010 – 'Paradoxa' – Curated by Gabriele di Francesco
2010 – 'Visionaria' – PRO LOCO di Sant Omero Arte Contemporanea curated by Simonetta Angelini
2009 – 'Arte contemporanea kaspertina' curated by Nazareno Lucianio
2008 – 'My Lily' solo exhibition at Creative Council, curated by Prof. Carlo Franza, Milano
2007 – 'M.MULTIMEDIA curated by Prof. Lorenzo Taiuti, Galleria 'NEON' FDV (Milano)
2007 – 'Lo schermo ansioso' curated by Bruno Muzzolini and Matteo Chini, Teatro E. Peroni, Parma
2007 – 'SFIORANDO L'ORIZZONTE' solo exhibition, curated by Dario Ciferri, Monteprandone
2007 – 'CARGO BOX' solo exhibition at '42off' Gallery, Modena, curated by Viola Giacometti,
2006 – 'CORPO URBANO' Shortvideo Convention, Building Cominelli
2006 – 'MI CASA ES TU CASA' curated by Viola Giacometti, Bologna
2005 – 'Anteprima – Giovani artisti da conocsere', edition 2005, curated by Paola Palotta, Ripratransone

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