Classic landscapes in cold colors

Blues, greens and purples. This trio are at home in the cool or cold section of the color wheel. Why? These colors give the illusion that they recede and as such are often applied to depict vast landscapes and seascapes that include the sky, ice, snow, mountain ranges and bodies of water. From the blue and green hues of 4th century Chinese landscapes to the cool tones of the French Impressionists of the 19th century, classically, the earlier noted trio continue to be used to convey wide and open spaces. It is also worth noting that within color theory in art, though, such colors are used to denote immensity, within a vista the viewer can spy detail and expression – the abstract. It is difficult to realistically imitate an expansive view that the eye has perceived, so the question is formed; can you? In Artsper's collections André Lac renders mountain landscapes of Toulouse and the Pyrenees, the poetic perception of which is sublimated by his memories. And to Lorna Kirin color has always been central to her work… Kirin likes to push pigments to evoke a real sense of emotion and to make the classic landscapes in cold colors resonate with the viewer.

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