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Fernando Botero Angulo, a Colombian artist, is globally acclaimed for his iconic "Boterismo" style, marked by exaggerated proportions and vibrant figures. Inspired by his Colombian roots, his art resonates with Latin American vibrancy, capturing the essence of Medellin and Bogota.

Botero's artistic journey extended across Europe, from Florence to Madrid and Paris, where he honed his craft and drew from masters like Picasso. His works grace galleries worldwide, from New York City to Monaco, captivating audiences with his unique visual language.

Botero's Abu Ghraib series, a poignant commentary on human suffering in war, stands as a testament to his art's profound impact. His legacy extends beyond continents, his reinterpretation of iconic pieces like the Mona Lisa showcasing his enduring influence on the global art scene.

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Femme en rouge à lèvres, Fernando Botero

Femme en rouge à lèvres

Fernando Botero

Print - 36 x 30 cm


Seated woman, Fernando Botero

Seated woman

Fernando Botero

Fine Art Drawings - 40 x 30 cm


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Who is the artist?

Fernando Botero (born 19 April 1932) is a figurative artist and sculptor from Medellín, Colombia. His signature style, also known as "Boterismo", depicts large, voluptuous figures, which can represent political criticism or humor, depending on the piece.

Fernando Botero is considered the most recognized and quoted living artist from Latin America, and his art can be found in highly visible places around the world, such as Park Avenue in New York City and the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

What is Fernando Botero’s artistic movement?

The artistic movements of the artists are: Classically-Inspired Illustrative Artists

When was Fernando Botero born?

The year of birth of the artist is: 1932