Our advice on framing photographs

Framing a photograph is an essential step for preserving it, which means it should not be neglected. There are various types of frames depending on the desired effect and the photograph's characteristics. Framing a photograph is a very delicate matter, but it is vital for ensuring the work's longevity. All contact with skin must be avoided.

A so-called framed photograph is suitable for all types of photography, but it is particularly well suited to white and black photographs. The frame is made up of a back with a wall hook and a glass or acrylic sheet as glazing.

Laminated photographs are ideal for large and panoramic formats. This involves 2 mm Dibond lamination, which guarantees high durability over time. The plasticising helps protect the print from dust and scratches. Matte lamination should be used if you want to eliminate glare.

In the case of photographs framed between two pieces of glass, the photographic subject is placed between two pieces of glass, which means that the wall is visible between the photograph and the moulding.