Art and design have been used synonymously for as long as they've been around, and for good reason. The two go hand-in-hand, but while fine art encompasses a wide breadth of mediums, from painting to photography, textiles and design objects, design itself is more specific. Design speaks to an object or activity that surrounds solving a problem and typically requires user interaction. As long as there has been design, there has been art. And behind every design creation is its designer. 

From the ornate furniture pieces of the Baroque period, to the sleek utilitarianism of mid-century modern objects, artists have always made the mundane beautiful. Here, Artsper introduces you to our selection of designers doing just that. Explore Anacleto Spazzapan's moving chairs, Alex Hodge's ceramic cups, Junior Fritz Jacquet's floral lights and so much more. 

Discover the everyday objects that these designers have made stunningly unique, covering movements ranging from Art Nouveau to Arts and Crafts and even Constructivism. Who said designers had to play by the rules?

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