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It's impossible attribute a precise date to the birth of abstract art. Art critics tend to situate the start of the movement in the 1910s and tend to see Wassily Kandinsky's “Picture with a circle" or “Abstract watercolour" as the works that announced the birth of abstract art. Although it is hard to know whether this work was truly the first abstract painting, Kandinsky was undeniably one of the founders of the movement.

However, it is important not to forget that there were many other important artists working at around the same time as Kandinsky and who also created key non-figurative works. These include Piet Mondrian, François Kupka and Kazimir Malevich. The couple Sonia and Robert Delaunay also had a fundamental impact on the development of abstraction. Mesmerised by the bright colours and circular shapes in their compositions, the French poet Apollinaire christened their art Orphism.

Even if abstract art can be seen as a revolution in terms of the artistic traditions that came before it, the movement can also be interpreted as the inevitable and logical result of the work and thinking of preceding artists. Certain experts believe that abstract art can be traced back to Monet and Whistler, who highlighted the importance of visually representing feelings and emotions rather than figurative objects. Fauvism contributed to our understanding of the power of colour, whilst Cubists pushed figurative art to its limits by playing around with geometric shapes and forms.

In a similar way, it seems illogical to give abstract art a single definition as the movement itself is so complex. The one thing that all abstract artists have in common is that they believe reality is subjective. They don't paint subjects, objects or people but focus on emotions, feelings or esthetics using shapes, colours and brush strokes to convey their message.

Geometric and lyrical abstract art are both forms of abstraction in is purest form. There is no clear subject matter or if the artist was inspired by a particular object, person or scene we can't tell without additional information. There can be different degrees of abstraction. For example, some forms of figurative art may be partially abstract if they distort the reality they represent. It is important not to underestimate the role that historical context has played in the development of emerging art movements. Abstract art has known two golden ages; the first between the two World Wars, just before the Great Depression, and the second between 1947 and 1970. Why? In short, human suffering. When artists no longer know how to represent the horrors of warfare and convey the suffering that society has endured, they must innovate, look for new techniques and call upon the subjective memories of survivors. In the words of Adorno, “writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric".

Abstract art reached its peak between 1950 and 1970 in New York thanks to abstract expressionist artists such as Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. Although this might be the movement that comes to mind when thinking of abstract art, there are many other movements related to non-figurative art, including Surrealism, Fauvism, Cubism, Bauhaus and Futurism.

With the advent of new technology, new art movements have emerged in the 21st century. Abstraction continues to be important to several of these movements. Many painters and sculptors still continue to create pure abstract art, such as Anish Kapoor, Ben Berlow and Christian Rosa. Abstract art has not disappeared; it has merely evolved and continues to adapt to its society.

Artsper has a wide range of abstract prints from many well known contemporary and modern artists, including Zao Wou-Ki, Pablo Picasso,Victor Vasarely and Joan Miro, as well as a selection from emerging artists.

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Sam Francis, Self Portrait (SF-050), Print

Sam Francis

Self Portrait (SF-050), 1975 104.1 x 74.9 x 0.3 cm Print


Our recommendations Angelica Tcherassi, The block 01, Print

Angelica Tcherassi

The block 01, 2022 149.9 x 119.4 x 0.3 cm Print


Camila Quintero, Geometric Utopia, Print

Camila Quintero

Geometric Utopia, 2019 80 x 60 cm Print


Victor Vasarely, Homage to Johann Sebastian Bach, Print

Victor Vasarely

Homage to Johann Sebastian Bach, 1973 64 x 62 x 0.3 cm Print


JonOne, The Storm, Print


The Storm, 2021 70 x 50 x 0.1 cm Print


Arthur Secunda, Four Seasons, Print

Arthur Secunda

Four Seasons, 1989 78.7 x 99.1 x 0.3 cm Print


André Marfaing, Sans titre, Print

André Marfaing

Sans titre, 1962 65 x 50 cm Print


Our recommendations Jade Mouge, Trouble N9, Print

Jade Mouge

Trouble N9, 2022 80 x 60 x 0.1 cm Print


David Pinegar, Watch man of the dark, Print

David Pinegar

Watch man of the dark, 2022 95 x 95 x 0.1 cm Print


Pablo Picasso, Chat saisissant un oiseau, Print

Pablo Picasso

Chat saisissant un oiseau, 1939 36 x 48 x 0.1 cm Print


Maria Collin, No 91, Print

Maria Collin

No 91, 1991 38 x 26 x 1 cm Print


Pierre Alechinsky, Les tireurs de langue, Print

Pierre Alechinsky

Les tireurs de langue, 1962 27.5 x 28 x 0.5 cm Print


David Alfaro Siqueiros, Prison Fantasies 4, Print

David Alfaro Siqueiros

Prison Fantasies 4, 1973 55.9 x 38.1 x 0.3 cm Print


Piotre, Yellow energy node, Print


Yellow energy node, 2021 60 x 50 x 3 cm Print


Georges Braque, L'Iris, Print

Georges Braque

L'Iris, 1963 73 x 47 cm Print


Alexander Calder, Sala Gaspar, Print

Alexander Calder

Sala Gaspar, 1973 65 x 50 cm Print


Chiara De Zan, Circular eye, Print

Chiara De Zan

Circular eye, 2022 85 x 85 x 0.1 cm Print


Zao Wou-Ki, L'étang, Print

Zao Wou-Ki

L'étang, 1972 38 x 28 cm Print


Jean-Michel Folon, La Menace I, Print

Jean-Michel Folon

La Menace I, 1978 75 x 86 x 0.2 cm Print


Fernand Léger, La racine noire, Print

Fernand Léger

La racine noire, 1948 50 x 64 cm Print


Bram van Velde, Sans Titre, Print

Bram van Velde

Sans Titre, 1966 94 x 62.5 cm Print


José Luis Cuevas, Caja China II, Print

José Luis Cuevas

Caja China II, 1990 101.6 x 68.6 x 0.5 cm Print


Our recommendations Naho Awaji, Sunrise, Print

Naho Awaji

Sunrise, 2021 40 x 40 x 1 cm Print


Tim Van Den Oudenhoven, BCN.1.11, Print

Tim Van Den Oudenhoven

BCN.1.11, 2022 30 x 30 x 4 cm Print


Joan Miró, Plate XV from Homentage a Joan Prats, Print

Joan Miró

Plate XV from Homentage a Joan Prats, 1971 64.8 x 81.3 x 0.3 cm Print


Karel Appel, Putting green kiss, Print

Karel Appel

Putting green kiss, 1978 75 x 106 x 0.5 cm Print


Alberto Magnelli, Untitled, Print

Alberto Magnelli

Untitled, 1945 64.5 x 49.5 x 0.1 cm Print


Joan Mitchell, Champs (Black, Gray and Green), Print

Joan Mitchell

Champs (Black, Gray and Green), 1991 76.2 x 55.9 x 0.3 cm Print


Chantal Proulx, Caraïbes, Print

Chantal Proulx

Caraïbes, 2020 76 x 76 x 0.1 cm Print


Yaacov Agam, Integrated Rainbow, Print

Yaacov Agam

Integrated Rainbow, 1980 76.2 x 106.7 x 0.3 cm Print


Martin Engelman, Les deux boutons, Print

Martin Engelman

Les deux boutons, 1971 65 x 50 cm Print


Yanko Tihov, London Passport Map, Print

Yanko Tihov

London Passport Map, 2021 30 x 33 x 0.2 cm Print


Victor Pasmore, Abstract Composition, Print

Victor Pasmore

Abstract Composition, 1982 25 x 20.5 x 0.1 cm Print


Mark Tobey, Abstract Portrait, Print

Mark Tobey

Abstract Portrait, 1970 34.9 x 29.8 x 0.3 cm Print


Tadashi Nishida, Hope, Print

Tadashi Nishida

Hope, 2022 30 x 42 x 3 cm Print


Bruce Porter, Bayard Series #3, Print

Bruce Porter

Bayard Series #3, 1999 67.3 x 48.3 x 0.3 cm Print


Asu, Alquimia, Print


Alquimia, 2021 40 x 30 x 3 cm Print


Françoise Dugourd-Caput, Altier, Print

Françoise Dugourd-Caput

Altier, 2022 100 x 80 cm Print


Robert Goodnough, Three Horses, Print

Robert Goodnough

Three Horses, 1961 44.5 x 55.9 x 0.3 cm Print


Philippe Boutefeu, Engrenage1, Print

Philippe Boutefeu

Engrenage1, 2022 60 x 90 x 3 cm Print


Pedro Soares Filipe, Paved Way, Print

Pedro Soares Filipe

Paved Way, 2021 140 x 100 x 1 cm Print


Arty Grimm, Untitled, Print

Arty Grimm

Untitled, 2002 63 x 49 cm Print


Soklak Elgato, Encrypted Alien Data,, Print

Soklak Elgato

Encrypted Alien Data,, 2021 40 x 40 cm Print


Larry Zox, Bonac II, Print

Larry Zox

Bonac II, 1981 106.7 x 76.2 x 0.3 cm Print


Jack Torkov, KTL, Print

Jack Torkov

KTL, 1982 69.9 x 69.9 x 0.3 cm Print


Bruno Ceccobelli, Trittico, Print

Bruno Ceccobelli

Trittico, 1993 97.5 x 192 x 0.1 cm Print


Maurice Estève, La Fouise, Print

Maurice Estève

La Fouise, 1973 50 x 65 cm Print


Katharina Grosse, Der Stuhl, Print

Katharina Grosse

Der Stuhl, 2020 29.7 x 21 cm Print


Conrad Marca-Relli, Villa Nueve, Print

Conrad Marca-Relli

Villa Nueve, 1982 55.9 x 68.6 x 0.3 cm Print


Jimmy Ernst, Terra Incognita 11, Print

Jimmy Ernst

Terra Incognita 11, 1974 55.9 x 71.1 x 0.3 cm Print


Léon Zack, Méditation, Print

Léon Zack

Méditation, 1971 54.5 x 70 x 0.2 cm Print


Isis Bi-M, 25) Bleu vert, Print

Isis Bi-M

25) Bleu vert, 2019 28 x 35 x 1 cm Print


Helen Frankenthaler, Live from Lincoln Center, 20th Anniversary, Print

Helen Frankenthaler

Live from Lincoln Center, 20th Anniversary, 1995 121.9 x 76.2 x 0.3 cm Print


François Bruetschy, Réseaux II, Print

François Bruetschy

Réseaux II, 2000 70 x 50 cm Print


Michelangelo Pistoletto, Alter Ego, Print

Michelangelo Pistoletto

Alter Ego, 1984 100 x 70 x 0.1 cm Print


Ibram Lassaw, Continuity 1, Print

Ibram Lassaw

Continuity 1, 1971 49.5 x 64.8 x 0.5 cm Print


Stanley William Hayter, Dromond, Print

Stanley William Hayter

Dromond, 1974 76.2 x 55.9 x 0.3 cm Print


Jean Messagier, Hommage à Federico Fellini, Print

Jean Messagier

Hommage à Federico Fellini, 1976 50 x 69.5 x 0.2 cm Print


Antoni Tapies, Arc Blau, Print

Antoni Tapies

Arc Blau, 1972 58 x 77.5 x 0.1 cm Print


Maria Vetkalova, Raspberry Dawn, Print

Maria Vetkalova

Raspberry Dawn, 2020 74 x 54 x 1 cm Print


Our recommendations Ollio Jonathan  Josefsson, Arecibo M13, Print

Ollio Jonathan Josefsson

Arecibo M13, 2021 40 x 37 x 2 cm Print


Bernar Venet, Ligne indéterminée, Print

Bernar Venet

Ligne indéterminée, 2003 25.5 x 33.5 cm Print


Walter Valentini, Portale, Print

Walter Valentini

Portale, 2000 47 x 110 x 0.1 cm Print


Goddog, VoeuPieux, Print


VoeuPieux, 2021 70 x 50 cm Print


Man Ray, Sans titre, Print

Man Ray

Sans titre, 1971 50 x 36 x 1 cm Print


Vasil Vasilev-Vaso, Genesis, Print

Vasil Vasilev-Vaso

Genesis, 2021 60 x 60 x 0.1 cm Print


Tracey Emin, But Yea, Print

Tracey Emin

But Yea, 2015 68.8 x 50 cm Print


Henri Matisse, Jazz, Le Cirque, Print

Henri Matisse

Jazz, Le Cirque, 2014 59 x 85 x 0.2 cm Print


Rabab Tantawy, Together, Print

Rabab Tantawy

Together, 2022 60 x 40 x 3 cm Print


Thierry Chasselat, Deus largitorem fovet., Print

Thierry Chasselat

Deus largitorem fovet., 2022 120 x 160 x 5 cm Print


Adão M Pires Moreira, Between Colours, Print

Adão M Pires Moreira

Between Colours, 2020 68 x 91 x 1 cm Print


Luca Alinari, Veduta dall'auto in sosta, Print

Luca Alinari

Veduta dall'auto in sosta, 1995 130 x 170 x 0.1 cm Print


Sonia Delaunay, Cathedrale, Print

Sonia Delaunay

Cathedrale, 1971 60.3 x 44 x 1 cm Print


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