Activist Artists

Activist artists choose to engage with and start a conversation on a variety of topics, from the environment and politics to race, gender and sexuality. A huge element of what makes contemporary art so important is engaging with current world issues; art is an invaluable tool in providing innovative insight and fresh perspectives where words can fail.

The incredible beauty of the natural world is something that artists have represented for centuries. So when it comes under threat by humanity, it's not surprising that ecologically engaged artists such as Jérémy Gobé, Angeles Peña and Franck Seguin use their art to promote its protection. 

Gender and sexuality also plays a significant role in artistic activism. Belgian photographer Charlotte Abramow's stunning shots explore gender identity, feminism and female sexuality. Meanwhile, American non-binary artist Ryan Wilks' drawings confront the difficult relationship between sexual orientation and religion.

The world of politics is also ever present in contemporary art, with political artists exploring humanitarian issues and our societal values. World famous street artists Banksy and Shepard Fairey both explore a range of political subjects, from war crime to the disadvantages of consumerism. 

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