LGBTQ+ Artists

From non-binary to LGBTQ+ artists, the fight for sexual liberation remains a prominent subject wihtin the art world. Figures such as Gilbert and George and Keith Haring have certainly contributed to the radical changes in gender politics over the past century. Otherwise, one must wind back the clock to Ancient Greece in order to find such openly proud manifestations of non-heternomative sexuality within art. 

And yet, the progression of this positive change has been exponential over the past years. LGBTQIA+ Activists and their influence have dramatically shifted the expectations of both viewers and art exhibitors. Nowadays, the works of Robert Mapplethorpe may shock, but to a very different degree than when they first appeared. The same may be said of Frida Kahlo's gender-bending works. The Mexican painter continuously re-examined what both femininity and masculinity represented for her, normalizing not only femininist discourse but equally that of fluidity and bisexuality. 

Whether it be painting or photography, sculpture or installation art, LGBT artists have made a profound mark. And this continues to be the case today! One need only consider Annie Leibovitz and the immensely transformative power of her artistic lens. 

Artsper is proud to present this selection of LGBT artists, who continue to break boundaries and binaries for what gender in art means. From David Hockney to Juan Boilero, discover them all here…

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