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Alex Katz: Portraits

With his bright and vivid colors, defined contours and simplistic detailing, the art of Alex Katz is easy to recognize and hard to miss. As one of the most celebrated and significant American artists of the 20th century, Katz's work is some of the most sought after in the world and he continues to influence younger generations of artists today.

Katz's debut on the art scene in the mid-1950s was marked by some controversy. At the height of the popularity of the Abstract Expressionist movement, he produced artwork that completely rejected the artistic style. His traditional subject matter, portraits, was a radical choice at a time when most art was going in the opposite direction. The portraits were nonetheless a success: depicting family, friends, artists, dancers and members of New York's upper circles, they earned Katz great prominence in the art scene.

Alex Katz's art was equally significant in the fact that it pioneered the Pop Art movement. Using the aesthetics of both the advertising and cinematic world, he created art pieces inspired by mass media. His pieces are coveted by museums, collectors and galleries alike.

Explore Artsper's selection of Alex Katz portraits on our site today and make one of his pieces your own.

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American Dance Festival 70th Anniversary, Alex Katz

American Dance Festival 70th Anniversary

Alex Katz

Print - 81.3 x 134.6 cm


Grey Dress | Diane von Furstenberg Dress, Alex Katz

Grey Dress | Diane von Furstenberg Dress

Alex Katz

Print - 91.5 x 71.2 cm


Grey Ribbon | Ada 3 times from the Alex And Ada Suite, Alex Katz

Grey Ribbon | Ada 3 times from the Alex And Ada Suite

Alex Katz

Print - 82.5 x 91.4 cm