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Jourdain, Vermibus



Print - 70 x 100 cm

$350 $315

Lisbonne, Olir



Print - 23 x 23 x 0.5 cm


Subway Signs Mania, Nasty

Subway Signs Mania


Print - 70 x 50 cm


Life Line, Logan Hicks

Life Line

Logan Hicks

Print - 87.6 x 111.8 cm

$1,850 $1,499

Subway Print for Sale

Fast, crowded, dirty, underground or overhead, but always practical, the subway is an essential means of transportation. Initial designs produced steam locomotives, but were modernized to create electric trains - sometimes even driverless! Around 1896, subways were developed in Europe and were well received by the public since they could carry about 700 people at a time and cover a long distance in a short time. Artists quickly appropriated the metro, which gradually became an underground art gallery. Many world-famous artists made their debut in the subways and an underground culture was created. Street-art, artworks and many other creations are made underground. Artsper lets you discover artists like Darryl McCray ( Cornbread )Fat and Keny who were inspired by the subway.

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