Different Painting Mediums

There are a wide variety of painting mediums (acrylic, oil, watercolour) and painting techniques. Some of these mediums are quite recent (such as spray painting, which dates from the 20th century), while others have a long tradition in the history of fine arts:

Acrylic: A paint made up of pigments mixed with synthetic resins.

Spray paint: Paint applied using an aerosol or spray can.

Watercolour: A paint created with finely ground pigments suspended in acacia gum.

Drip painting: A method of applying substances; the term comes from the verb to drip. The technique was made famous by the painter Jackson Pollock.

Diptych/triptych: A work made up of two (or three) panels, fixed or mobile, facing each other and depicting subjects that complement one another.

Gouache: Paint consisting of acacia gum; similar to watercolour paint but matte and opaque.

Oil: A paint made of a mixture of pigments and drying oil.

Lacquer: A resin made from latex; it turns into a protective coating when dry.

Monochrome: A work created using a single colour, tone, or value.