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Don't look back, Nikolaos Schizas

Don't look back

Nikolaos Schizas

Painting - 100 x 80 x 0.1 cm


Poetic River, Daniela Pasqualini

Poetic River

Daniela Pasqualini

Painting - 121.9 x 61 x 3.8 cm


Le rouge, Jéko

Le rouge


Painting - 130 x 97 x 2 cm


Pushed to the edge, JonOne

Pushed to the edge


Painting - 64 x 54 x 5 cm


5 Mars 2023, Raymond Attanasio

5 Mars 2023

Raymond Attanasio

Painting - 60 x 60 x 3 cm


In search of silence, Nadine Antoniuk

In search of silence

Nadine Antoniuk

Painting - 295 x 95 x 0.1 cm


Lanterna verde, Antonino Puliafico

Lanterna verde

Antonino Puliafico

Painting - 40 x 40 x 2 cm


Ref 113, Frédérique Barba

Ref 113

Frédérique Barba

Painting - 116 x 89 x 2 cm


Booksmania, Sophie Dumont


Sophie Dumont

Painting - 24 x 30 x 2 cm


Bubble New York, Seen

Bubble New York


Painting - 86.36 x 71.12 cm


N°2, Benoît Guérin


Benoît Guérin

Painting - 70 x 50 x 3 cm


Songes, Ralph Resch


Ralph Resch

Painting - 81 x 65 x 2 cm


Rose 660, Aykaz Arzumanyan

Rose 660

Aykaz Arzumanyan

Painting - 40 x 40 x 2 cm


Alicia II, Eulogia Merle

Alicia II

Eulogia Merle

Painting - 100 x 100 x 3 cm


Abstract 2332, Alex Senchenko

Abstract 2332

Alex Senchenko

Painting - 150 x 100 x 4 cm


Sky Above Us, Nemanja Nikolic

Sky Above Us

Nemanja Nikolic

Painting - 160 x 140 x 4.1 cm


ICON Number one, Ronald Hunter

ICON Number one

Ronald Hunter

Painting - 70 x 70 x 2 cm


Marine abstraite 2023-04, Fred Boutet

Marine abstraite 2023-04

Fred Boutet

Painting - 65 x 100 x 2 cm


Springtime, Viktoria Ganhao


Viktoria Ganhao

Painting - 100 x 80 x 2 cm


Tapestry 2, Poonam Choudhary

Tapestry 2

Poonam Choudhary

Painting - 61 x 99.1 x 2.5 cm


MB 68, Méryl B

MB 68

Méryl B

Painting - 116 x 89 x 3 cm


Give me news, Gaëlle Wagner

Give me news

Gaëlle Wagner

Painting - 120 x 120 x 3 cm


Cycle chaleureux, Jonathan Pradillon

Cycle chaleureux

Jonathan Pradillon

Painting - 61 x 50 x 1.5 cm


Venus Without Flaws, Lillo Sauto

Venus Without Flaws

Lillo Sauto

Painting - 100 x 70 x 1 cm


Nos parfums se mélangent ?, Nathanael Koffi

Nos parfums se mélangent ?

Nathanael Koffi

Painting - 73 x 60 x 5 cm


The dance of opposites, Saverio Filioli Uranio

The dance of opposites

Saverio Filioli Uranio

Painting - 29.7 x 42 x 0.3 cm


Busto velato nelle terra laguna, André Laurenti

Busto velato nelle terra laguna

André Laurenti

Painting - 92 x 73 x 3 cm


La Cross, Arman

La Cross


Painting - 29 x 23 x 0.2 cm


Magie colorée 2, Rita Vandenherrewegen

Magie colorée 2

Rita Vandenherrewegen

Painting - 39 x 39 x 2 cm

€390 €351

Eclosion géométrique-flash / offshore, Arthur Dorval

Eclosion géométrique-flash / offshore

Arthur Dorval

Painting - 50 x 34 x 3 cm


Kintsugi Squares, Chelsea Davine

Kintsugi Squares

Chelsea Davine

Painting - 110 x 100 x 8 cm


Kreuzberg monochrome, Sophie Mangelsen

Kreuzberg monochrome

Sophie Mangelsen

Painting - 40 x 40 x 2 cm


Effet d'eau, Trabys

Effet d'eau


Painting - 55 x 38 x 2 cm


Twist, Alfredo Pizzi


Alfredo Pizzi

Painting - 160 x 220 x 0.1 cm


Just rainy-LXXXVII, Stanislav Bojankov

Just rainy-LXXXVII

Stanislav Bojankov

Painting - 119.4 x 119.4 x 2.5 cm


Noir ?, Sabine Kalka

Noir ?

Sabine Kalka

Painting - 89 x 116 x 2.5 cm


Green Daydream XL 2, Peter Nottrott

Green Daydream XL 2

Peter Nottrott

Painting - 105 x 155 x 4 cm


Jayah, Florence Dussuyer


Florence Dussuyer

Painting - 50 x 50 x 2 cm


Monochrome Bleu IV, Elodie Dollat

Monochrome Bleu IV

Elodie Dollat

Painting - 80 x 60 x 3 cm


Ciel orageux, Christine Beaufils

Ciel orageux

Christine Beaufils

Painting - 81 x 116 x 3 cm


Inside, Outside, Triangulations, Remi Delaplace

Inside, Outside, Triangulations

Remi Delaplace

Painting - 70 x 70 x 3 cm


Noname C96, Stéphane Rime

Noname C96

Stéphane Rime

Painting - 80 x 80 x 2 cm


21gr de bleu, Marité Bouis

21gr de bleu

Marité Bouis

Painting - 100 x 100 x 3 cm


Let's talk about me, Luca Brandi

Let's talk about me

Luca Brandi

Painting - 76.2 x 55.9 x 0.3 cm


Confine rosso, Alessandra Bisi

Confine rosso

Alessandra Bisi

Painting - 80 x 100 x 0.3 cm


Les nymphéas immobiles, Daniel Paugam

Les nymphéas immobiles

Daniel Paugam

Painting - 92 x 73 x 2 cm


Rythm’n Blues, Catherine Dumas Perrot

Rythm’n Blues

Catherine Dumas Perrot

Painting - 100 x 100 x 3 cm


Sin título, Miquel Ponce

Sin título

Miquel Ponce

Painting - 150 x 110 x 5 cm


Stones XXX(II) (Rolling Stones), Jon Errazu

Stones XXX(II) (Rolling Stones)

Jon Errazu

Painting - 65 x 54 x 4 cm


Autoportrait, Philippe Pasqua


Philippe Pasqua

Painting - 40 x 30 x 10 cm


In there for quite a ride, Gabrielle Rul

In there for quite a ride

Gabrielle Rul

Painting - 76 x 56 x 0.1 cm


North 8, Nash

North 8


Painting - 73 x 92 x 2 cm


Myriads of desires, Nathalie Gribinski

Myriads of desires

Nathalie Gribinski

Painting - 121.9 x 91.4 x 3.3 cm


Paris Subway Map II, Piotre

Paris Subway Map II


Painting - 40 x 47.6 x 0.3 cm

€1,400 €1,260

Where there is Life, there is Hope, Loretta Kaltenhauser

Where there is Life, there is Hope

Loretta Kaltenhauser

Painting - 101.6 x 101.6 x 3.8 cm


L’envolée, Eric Munsch


Eric Munsch

Painting - 80 x 80 x 2.5 cm


Bouquet, Mari Vizquerra


Mari Vizquerra

Painting - 121 x 76 x 5 cm


Breath/05, Maren M Art


Maren M Art

Painting - 95 x 95 x 3 cm


Eau Vive, Yrak

Eau Vive


Painting - 60 x 81 x 3 cm


Makaya, Goddog



Painting - 145 x 115 x 3 cm


Dans mon dos, Antony Squizzato

Dans mon dos

Antony Squizzato

Painting - 60 x 60 x 2 cm


Nuvuti #53, Jeanne Fredac

Nuvuti #53

Jeanne Fredac

Painting - 80 x 60 x 0.3 cm


A Mysterious Horse - A tribute to the artist Uri Reisman, Menashe Kadishman

A Mysterious Horse - A tribute to the artist Uri Reisman

Menashe Kadishman

Painting - 80 x 60 x 2 cm


Neo-boro, Koralie



Painting - 60 x 40 x 0.1 cm


Acqua, Michel Gueranger


Michel Gueranger

Painting - 49 x 64 x 0.2 cm


Free spirits 13, Veronica Vilsan

Free spirits 13

Veronica Vilsan

Painting - 58.4 x 152.4 x 5.1 cm


Ref. 56, Medra

Ref. 56


Painting - 65 x 50 x 0.1 cm


Butter Flies, Marichka Shkuro

Butter Flies

Marichka Shkuro

Painting - 100 x 100 x 3 cm


Little safari, Stoz

Little safari


Painting - 61 x 50 x 2 cm

€450 €405

Talisman II, Jean-Paul Agosti

Talisman II

Jean-Paul Agosti

Painting - 25 x 25 x 0.1 cm


Peinture 11-2022-71, Alain Bécanne

Peinture 11-2022-71

Alain Bécanne

Painting - 120 x 120 x 4 cm


Abstract synapses - Is it just me, myself and I, Lucy Moore

Abstract synapses - Is it just me, myself and I

Lucy Moore

Painting - 75.9 x 75.9 x 1.5 cm


Orange face, Simon Findlay

Orange face

Simon Findlay

Painting - 100.1 x 80 x 2.5 cm


Ballet floral, Cyril Destrade

Ballet floral

Cyril Destrade

Painting - 50 x 50 x 3 cm


Rhythms, Vitaliy Pryzant


Vitaliy Pryzant

Painting - 40.1 x 89.9 x 2 cm


Good Vibrations, Selene Art

Good Vibrations

Selene Art

Painting - 80 x 100.8 x 2 cm


A l'infinie, Mathilde André

A l'infinie

Mathilde André

Painting - 40 x 30 x 2 cm

€600 €540

Love in Santorini, Darlene Watson

Love in Santorini

Darlene Watson

Painting - 91.4 x 91.4 x 3.8 cm


Wild Flowers 7 by M.Y., Max Yaskin

Wild Flowers 7 by M.Y.

Max Yaskin

Painting - 100.1 x 199.9 x 2.5 cm


Moods 70, Soos Roxana Gabriela

Moods 70

Soos Roxana Gabriela

Painting - 80 x 140 x 4.1 cm


The Nexus, Mike King

The Nexus

Mike King

Painting - 61 x 91.4 x 2.5 cm


Residue of memories, Bob Hunt

Residue of memories

Bob Hunt

Painting - 61 x 45.7 x 3.8 cm


Hope Is Free, Trixie Pitts

Hope Is Free

Trixie Pitts

Painting - 121.9 x 121.9 x 3.8 cm


Shadow, Maka Batiashvili


Maka Batiashvili

Painting - 74.9 x 94 x 1.8 cm


Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming, Kathleen Petyarre

Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming

Kathleen Petyarre

Painting - 86 x 136 x 2 cm


Abstract jazz, Hayk Miqayelyan

Abstract jazz

Hayk Miqayelyan

Painting - 70 x 90 x 2 cm


Dog Walker, Zaira Dzhaubaeva

Dog Walker

Zaira Dzhaubaeva

Painting - 121.9 x 76.2 x 3.8 cm


B 39, Luis Medina

B 39

Luis Medina

Painting - 70.1 x 100.1 x 0.3 cm


Silver Rain: Diptych, Valeria Radzievska

Silver Rain: Diptych

Valeria Radzievska

Painting - 71.1 x 101.6 x 2 cm


Like a Stone, Sarah Boisvert

Like a Stone

Sarah Boisvert

Painting - 61 x 91.4 x 3.8 cm


Vibrant Light, Suzanne Vaughan

Vibrant Light

Suzanne Vaughan

Painting - 101.6 x 101.6 x 0.3 cm


Abstract Painting for Sale

Abstract painting is a form of expression which contrasts with representational art, where capturing the likeness of the subject is presented as the artist's ultimate objective. Abstract painting is in fact the very opposite of figurative art. Even if we are not able to understand the meaning behind an abstract work without additional information, it can nonetheless succeed in conveying a sense of emotion and feeling.

We tend to associate the birth of abstraction with the artist Vassily Kandinsky and the artistic revolution he initiated during the 20th century. As one of the movement's pioneers, he was at the forefront of the breakaway from representational art along with Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian and Kupka. Kandinsky not only shared his views on abstraction through his art but also in his written work. In 1910 he published his book “Concerning the Spiritual in Art" in which he defended the symbolic importance of each of the elements present in painting and which gave each artwork a spiritual dimension. In the same year, he unveiled his first abstract piece, entitled “Abstract watercolor". Abstract art was born. Figurativism had been left to one side in favour of a new movement where artists dealt directly with the intangible and immaterial, without explicitly identifying a subject matter. Several sub-genres started to emerge. Kazimir Malevich became known for his legendary 1915 painting “Black Square", followed by “White on White" in 1918, with which he laid the foundations for Suprematism. Malevich believed that a painting was composed of an ensemble of independent forces which could evolve together in the order to find a sense of harmony and equilibrium within the work. Abstraction can also take on a more lyrical form, especially when accompanied by music. Kandinsky's the “Picture with the Black Arch" is an excellent example of this. The large-scale painting was painted in 1912 and is seen as a marking the turning point for a new era in the history of art.

As well as his work on the composition of shapes and colors, Kandinsky had synesthesia. His condition can be seen as a decisive factor in triggering the artist's desire to create a new artistic language. His senses intertwined and became one, transforming sounds into shapes and colors. Kandinsky's use of color is much more than a question of aesthetics; it was inherent to the way he perceived the world. In this abstract painting, each color has been carefully chosen and is filled with symbolic meaning. In his abstract two-dimensional painting, Kandinsky succeeds in ensuring that the spectator can feel and hear an entire orchestra playing a Wagner opera.

Geometric abstraction both stems from and contrasts with lyrical abstraction, which geometric abstract artists summarized as “abstract landscaping". As its name suggests, this new form of abstraction is centred around the use of geometric shapes to create a sense of purity in the painting. Lines, squares, triangles and circles all collide with the use of bold, block colors on a two-dimensional surface. Kupka was one of the movement's leading figures but nonetheless did not want to be associated with it, believing that art should be the very opposite of abstract; it should be concrete and real. Alongside him, Mondrian laid the foundations for geometric abstraction with his characteristic use of neat shapes and rectangles. The artist developed his unique style by structuring his paintings around an underlying orthogonal grid and using sharp right angles.

And last but not least, it is important to remember the influence that both Robert and Sonia Delaunay had on the development of abstraction. The couple seduced the French critic and poet Guillaume Apollinaire with their circular shapes and use of color. Apollinaire christened their art Orphism, a reference to the mythological Greek figure Orpheus as well as to the title of one of his own poems, which he felt was reminiscent of the 'luminous language' conveyed in their paintings. In this regard, Orphism seems to have more in common with lyrical rather than geometric abstraction.

Although abstract art marked a decisive break from prior artistic traditions, the movement can also be seen as the inevitable and logical result of the work and thinking of previous artists. At the start of the century the Fauvist movement explored the importance of color, whilst the Cubists started to deconstruct shapes and play with geometry. In a similar way, German Expressionism, which was born in 1905, encouraged the idea that independent emotions, detached from reality, should be the focus of an artist's work. Thanks to abstraction, modern art has been able to excel and reach its very peak. By no longer focusing on physical subjects, artists are no longer limited to representing recognisable reality. Abstract art has a universal language to share and convey. Since its beginnings, abstraction has been significantly shared across the world and has contributed a great deal to contemporary thinking today.

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Need some help?

What is meant by abstract painting?

Abstract painting refers to the type of painting that does not make visual reference to the real world. Art that does aim to do this is called figurative art. Instead, abstract art uses some combination of color, shape, line, forms and marks to achieve an outcome. This often allows the viewer the freedom to interpret the work independently and to assign to it their own meaning. 

Is abstract painting easy?

Like most art forms, abstract painting is as easy as the effort that is put into it. While someone could theoretically create an easy abstract artwork, the ones that are remembered and that resonate with their audience are certainly not easy to create. They require an excellent understanding of visual language such as shape, color and form, as well as advanced technical skills to execute them.

What do I need to do an abstract painting?

To create an abstract painting, you will require at least some form of surface, such as canvas, paper or wood, and paint, such as acrylic, oil or watercolor.