Large format works

Painting, Golden Sunrise, Nikolaos Schizas

Golden Sunrise

Nikolaos Schizas

Painting - 116 x 114 x 5 cm


Painting, Composition No. 453, Sumit Mehndiratta

Composition No. 453

Sumit Mehndiratta

Painting - 97 x 135 x 3 cm


Painting, Abstract alchemy - Black floating frame, Belart Collective

Abstract alchemy - Black floating frame

Belart Collective

Painting - 80 x 120 x 2 cm


Painting, Reconstitution, Ralph Resch


Ralph Resch

Painting - 89 x 116 x 2 cm


Painting, Todo Se Conecta, Nikolaos Schizas

Todo Se Conecta

Nikolaos Schizas

Painting - 120 x 120 x 0.1 cm


Painting, Woobles, Tic



Painting - 120 x 75 x 1.8 cm


Painting, How much a heart can hold, Poonam Choudhary

How much a heart can hold

Poonam Choudhary

Painting - 152.4 x 121.9 x 5.1 cm

€1,161 €929

Painting, On a summer day, Sophie Mangelsen

On a summer day

Sophie Mangelsen

Painting - 120 x 140 x 2 cm


Painting, Rasta Kid, Jef Aérosol

Rasta Kid

Jef Aérosol

Painting - 120 x 65 x 2 cm


Painting, Las tías, Enrique Pichardo

Las tías

Enrique Pichardo

Painting - 97 x 130 x 2 cm


Painting, Abstract R 2406, Alex Senchenko

Abstract R 2406

Alex Senchenko

Painting - 140 x 110 x 0.1 cm


Painting, Peinture janvier 2023-03, Alain Bécanne

Peinture janvier 2023-03

Alain Bécanne

Painting - 120 x 100 x 2.5 cm


Painting, Africa confinement, Pierre Morquin

Africa confinement

Pierre Morquin

Painting - 162 x 130 x 3 cm

€3,500 €2,975

Painting, Sana n°2305, Saname

Sana n°2305


Painting - 107 x 145 x 0.2 cm


Painting, Rhythm, Gina Vor


Gina Vor

Painting - 120 x 90 x 2 cm


Painting, Réf. 116, Frédérique Barba

Réf. 116

Frédérique Barba

Painting - 130 x 97 x 2 cm


Painting, Elegance unfolding, Marieta Martirosyan

Elegance unfolding

Marieta Martirosyan

Painting - 80 x 120 x 2 cm


Painting, MB 75, Méryl B

MB 75

Méryl B

Painting - 130 x 97 x 3 cm


Painting, Assemblage #11, Georges Myral

Assemblage #11

Georges Myral

Painting - 120 x 120 x 5 cm


Painting, Swirling Seaside, Lauren Adams

Swirling Seaside

Lauren Adams

Painting - 121.9 x 121.9 x 3.8 cm


Painting, 2002/182, Claude Viallat


Claude Viallat

Painting - 165 x 198 x 1 cm


Painting, The Warriors of tradition, Franck Kemkeng Noah

The Warriors of tradition

Franck Kemkeng Noah

Painting - 110 x 130 x 5 cm


Painting, The new breath of Igbo life, Dieudonné Djiela Kamgang

The new breath of Igbo life

Dieudonné Djiela Kamgang

Painting - 120 x 110 x 5 cm


Painting, Xxl large scale painting space dreamy fantasy fascinating masterpiece, Ovidiu Kloska

Xxl large scale painting space dreamy fantasy fascinating masterpiece

Ovidiu Kloska

Painting - 150 x 120 x 3 cm


Painting, Out of this World, David Paul Kay

Out of this World

David Paul Kay

Painting - 120 x 100 x 2.5 cm


Painting, Sénégalais, Marcos Zrihen


Marcos Zrihen

Painting - 97 x 130 x 3 cm


Painting, Wonder Woman | Enjoy your life, Patricia Gadisseur

Wonder Woman | Enjoy your life

Patricia Gadisseur

Painting - 150 x 100 x 2 cm


Print, When looking at this with closed eyes (dyptique), Shusaku Arakawa

When looking at this with closed eyes (dyptique)

Shusaku Arakawa

Print - 105 x 146 x 0.1 cm


Painting, Dress Code, Philip Letsu Komla

Dress Code

Philip Letsu Komla

Painting - 150 x 120 x 2 cm


Painting, Lines of nature, Aude Herlédan

Lines of nature

Aude Herlédan

Painting - 120 x 180 x 2 cm


Painting, My Yellow Square XL - Incl Frame, Ronald Hunter

My Yellow Square XL - Incl Frame

Ronald Hunter

Painting - 120 x 120 x 3 cm


Painting, My Peregrinations 4, Damola Ayegbayo

My Peregrinations 4

Damola Ayegbayo

Painting - 121.9 x 91.4 x 2.5 cm


Print, Sorting Center & Deep Sunset, Marion Sagon

Sorting Center & Deep Sunset

Marion Sagon

Print - 79 x 120 x 2.5 cm


Painting, Coquelicots, Freddy



Painting - 120 x 40 x 2 cm


Painting, Amazing cities, Rico Sab

Amazing cities

Rico Sab

Painting - 150 x 150 x 2.5 cm


Painting, Untitled, Mah Chen


Mah Chen

Painting - 117 x 80 x 3 cm


Painting, Caspiu, Karine Bartoli


Karine Bartoli

Painting - 97 x 130 x 4 cm

€2,000 €1,800

Painting, Nanas, Pepita



Painting - 130 x 97 x 2 cm


Painting, The rain dance, Rémy Demestre

The rain dance

Rémy Demestre

Painting - 120 x 40 x 2 cm


Painting, Love, Virginia Benedicto


Virginia Benedicto

Painting - 120 x 30 x 2 cm


Painting, Outsider, Mathieu Questel


Mathieu Questel

Painting - 130 x 97 x 2.5 cm


Painting, Manhattan aerial 3, Lucio Forte

Manhattan aerial 3

Lucio Forte

Painting - 100 x 150 x 0.1 cm


Painting, Mon ami Josiah II, Elizabeth Ekpetorson

Mon ami Josiah II

Elizabeth Ekpetorson

Painting - 152.4 x 121.9 cm


Painting, Computer, Nep-



Painting - 160 x 130 x 2 cm


Painting, Corten Steel Plate 08, Tomasz Mistak

Corten Steel Plate 08

Tomasz Mistak

Painting - 90 x 120 x 3 cm


Painting, Code barre, David Ferreira

Code barre

David Ferreira

Painting - 150 x 50 x 2 cm


Painting, Happy fish, Le anh Tuan

Happy fish

Le anh Tuan

Painting - 78.7 x 119.4 x 2.5 cm


Painting, The Albino Series IX (1), Éric Odartey

The Albino Series IX (1)

Éric Odartey

Painting - 152 x 114 x 3 cm


Painting, Untitled, Julien Raynaud


Julien Raynaud

Painting - 40 x 120 x 3 cm


Painting, Lui, Moi.



Painting - 97 x 146 x 2 cm

€3,500 €3,150

Painting, Le saule pleureur, Emily Starck

Le saule pleureur

Emily Starck

Painting - 140 x 100 x 0.1 cm


Painting, Le timide en veste à fleurs, Jéko

Le timide en veste à fleurs


Painting - 140 x 107 x 0.2 cm


Painting, Transision, Ole Hedeager


Ole Hedeager

Painting - 150 x 100 x 4 cm


Print, Palm Springs, Mathieu Questel

Palm Springs

Mathieu Questel

Print - 81 x 116 x 2 cm


Painting, A la plage, Laurent Proneur

A la plage

Laurent Proneur

Painting - 121.9 x 91.4 x 5.1 cm


Painting, Teach us to love ourselves, Oluwafemi Afolabi

Teach us to love ourselves

Oluwafemi Afolabi

Painting - 121.9 x 91.4 x 2.5 cm


Painting, We All Love a Sunset, Nick Vivian

We All Love a Sunset

Nick Vivian

Painting - 76 x 122 x 5 cm


Painting, Biarritz, Sabine Kalka


Sabine Kalka

Painting - 50 x 150 x 4 cm

€2,000 €1,700

Painting, ZDZ1085, Thierry Zdzieblo


Thierry Zdzieblo

Painting - 146 x 90 x 2 cm


Painting, La liberté à travers un kaléidoscope, Jean-Philippe Berger

La liberté à travers un kaléidoscope

Jean-Philippe Berger

Painting - 122 x 61 x 4 cm


Painting, North 6, Nash

North 6


Painting - 89 x 116 x 2 cm


Photography, Orbe, Alzebeta Wolfova


Alzebeta Wolfova

Photography - 133 x 111 x 1 cm


Painting, L'Atlas x Sun7 - Inner light, L'Atlas

L'Atlas x Sun7 - Inner light


Painting - 130 x 130 x 2 cm


Painting, Passage piéton, Nicolas Monjo

Passage piéton

Nicolas Monjo

Painting - 116 x 89 x 2 cm


Painting, Another day in Paradise, Leo Bengtson

Another day in Paradise

Leo Bengtson

Painting - 116 x 90 x 2 cm


Painting, Second life, steHp

Second life


Painting - 73 x 116 x 2 cm


Painting, Untitled, Noyem Khachatryan


Noyem Khachatryan

Painting - 165 x 123 x 2 cm


Painting, Beyond the limits, Slick

Beyond the limits


Painting - 130 x 97 x 3 cm


Sculpture, Porsche 911 | 80th Birthday 2024, David Gerstein

Porsche 911 | 80th Birthday 2024

David Gerstein

Sculpture - 62 x 161 x 15 cm


Painting, Katiola, Well Rimo


Well Rimo

Painting - 150 x 150 x 3 cm


Painting, Nexum, Greg Bryce


Greg Bryce

Painting - 100 x 120 x 3 cm


Painting, Couple Goals, Meshach Samo

Couple Goals

Meshach Samo

Painting - 150 x 130 x 3 cm


Painting, Road signs, Vitaliy Lishko

Road signs

Vitaliy Lishko

Painting - 180 x 70 x 2 cm


Painting, Sin título. Serie Selvática, Dario Berterreche

Sin título. Serie Selvática

Dario Berterreche

Painting - 150 x 180 x 0.1 cm


Painting, Mandala XIV, Più Vicino del Paradiso, Achao

Mandala XIV, Più Vicino del Paradiso


Painting - 163 x 145 x 0.1 cm


Painting, Red Flowers, Xavier Wttrwulghe

Red Flowers

Xavier Wttrwulghe

Painting - 120 x 100 x 2 cm


Print, Le retour de Lucy, Kiss Dust

Le retour de Lucy

Kiss Dust

Print - 60 x 120 x 0.3 cm


Painting, Blue automatic writing, Tanc

Blue automatic writing


Painting - 200 x 200 x 3 cm


Fine Art Drawings, Forêt brulée, Miguel Sancho

Forêt brulée

Miguel Sancho

Fine Art Drawings - 93 x 125 x 1 cm


Design, L'oeil fleuri, Nelly Marez-Darley

L'oeil fleuri

Nelly Marez-Darley

Design - 182 x 90 x 1 cm


Painting, Une pause s'impose, Jazzu

Une pause s'impose


Painting - 89 x 130 x 3 cm


Painting, Après la pluie, Célia Eid

Après la pluie

Célia Eid

Painting - 120 x 100 x 3 cm


Painting, Composition, Leo Guida


Leo Guida

Painting - 120 x 78 x 2 cm


Painting, Peau de mur 6, Pascale Morelot-Palu

Peau de mur 6

Pascale Morelot-Palu

Painting - 130 x 134 x 3 cm


Painting, Reflejos, Anna Peserico


Anna Peserico

Painting - 117 x 81 x 3 cm


Sculpture, Cube offshore, Arthur Dorval

Cube offshore

Arthur Dorval

Sculpture - 200 x 140 x 2 cm


Painting, Senza titolo, Sandro Chia

Senza titolo

Sandro Chia

Painting - 122 x 95 x 5 cm


Painting, Célestes (Alcaline), Dorothée Louise Recker

Célestes (Alcaline)

Dorothée Louise Recker

Painting - 120 x 100 x 5 cm


Painting, A Woman on a Blitch, Michael Gorban

A Woman on a Blitch

Michael Gorban

Painting - 80 x 120 x 2.5 cm


Sculpture, Profundidades, parte honda y parte playa, Laura Larocca

Profundidades, parte honda y parte playa

Laura Larocca

Sculpture - 135 x 75 x 15 cm


Large format works

Large format artworks have existed for centuries and were traditionally completed in the form of statues or frescoes. The 1x1 metre format originally applied to painting, however works in the 17th century systematically exceeded these dimensions. This can be seen in the Rubens' and Velasquez's canvases, where they paint life-size figures. It's evident that in recent years large format artworks have taken on a whole new meaning, where works are becoming monumental and even colossal in size. Installations and sculptures are now measuring tens of metres high, practically becoming architectural structures, which can be seen in works like Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate.

Fortunately not all large format artworks are the size of an elephant, but they do allow a huge decorative and artistic advantage. Not only is it an easy way to finish off a room or furnish a space, but it's also an excellent solution for completely restyling your home. If it's truly love at first sight, the piece will totally transform your space into a reflection of your personality. When it comes to photography, the impact of a large format print is multiplied, and gives your room an exhibition-like quality.

XXL artworks allow the artist more imaginative freedom since the surface of the canvas is larger. However, the creation of a large format artwork requires a precise technique and a mastering of the medium used. More and more contemporary artists are working with large formats, and the sensitivity in creating such a work is not the same when working with a 30x30cm canvas. Additionally, an increasing number of exhibitions are specialising in large format artworks. Monumenta at the Grand Palais is an event that occurs every two years, where an artist is invited to create a work specially for the enormous space offered by the Nave.

Photographypainting or sculpture, drawing; these artists and their enormous formats will forever influence the history of contemporary art. This preference for large scale artwork can be seen in a long list of artists including, the canadian photographer Jeff Wall, Anglo-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor and Sino-French painter Yan Pei Ming.  These three artists have certainly left a huge mark on the contemporary art market.  

If you're looking for a statement artwork you're in the right place! Here's our selection of large scale paintings. You'll only need one painting to fill that blank wall that has been empty for far too long. With our selection, you won't struggle with finding the perfect artwork - we have abstract paintings, figurative paintings, modern paintings, triptychs and a wide variety of styles!

Large scale paintings have been around for centuries. In general, artists prefer using oil painting for this format because its drying time enables them to go back and rework parts of the painting as it nears completion. They also prefer painting on canvas because it's easier to transport than other supports such as wooden panels.

During the Renaissance, a number of artists painted impressive scenes, often drawn from religion or mythology, on canvases that were several meters wide. The Wedding at Cana, a work by Veronese which you can see in the Louvre, is more than 6m x 9m! In 18th century Europe, large paintings were generally reserved for history paintings. The size of the painting helped the artist (and often the patron who had commission it) make an impact and truly impress the viewer, a bigger canvas meant the subject matter was represented with dignity and gradeure.  A perfect example is The Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David, a huge canvas full of splendid of colours and details that the viewer almost feels overwhelmed by its splendor.

Towards the end of the 19th century artists turned to other genres. Edouard Manet used large scale canvases to paint his realistic scenes of the lower classes and Claude Monet painted expansive landscapes, for example this beautiful water lilies series which now hangs in the Museum of l'Orangerie. Later, other artists like Pablo Picasso, tackled the subject of politics in enormous modern paintings such as Guernica.

Abstract painting didn't put an end to large scale paintings, on the contrary abstract artists loved them! They had a larger surface to experiment with and the big canvases meant that the viewer could fully immerse themselves in the painter's work. The painters of the abstract expressionist movement such as Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Barnett Newman preferred using large canvases to create their abstract paintings.

Even today artists continue to choose to large scale canvas to create contemporary paintings. Gerhard Richter uses them for both his abstract paintings and figurative paintings, and Jenny Saville paints larger-than-life human bodies.

Discover our selection of large scale paintings that will give make any room seem like a statement.

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