Classically-Inspired Illustrative Artists

It is unsurprising that the Greek and Roman works found in art galleries and museums have influenced subsequent artists throughout the centuries. Ancient Greece has been recreated through the artistic renderings of artists from Pablo Picasso to Keith Haring. Thus, contemporary artists inspired by art history are not a new phenomenon, but a reflection of their time and a reflection of ours. Whether direct or indirect, there is a strong argument that classically-inspired illustrative artists derive their oeuvre from classical history to the old masters of the Renaissance. Amongst Artsper's selections, one can delve into the works of Hom Nguyen whose pictorial research is constantly renewed and based on monumental portraits, taking us far beyond appearances. Whilst the likes of Claude Weisbuch's unfinished figurative drawings echo the unfinished sketches of the old masters as they form the composition of a prospective subject. May inspiration from the artist's forebearers continue…

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