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Art for Your Living Room

Explore our selection of artworks for your living room. Whether you're looking to add a bit more personality to the space or want a big statement piece, there's bound to be something for you!

The kitchen had been considered France's favourite room since the 1980s, but in 2014 it was finally dethroned by the living room! After all, it's natural: despite all the technological innovations and prowess available in the kitchen, the living room is the place to be, with family and friends, in summer or winter, weekday or weekend... In big cities, the living room can often be the most spacious room in the apartment. You can work, have drinks and even eat there.

Faced with the evolution of our increasingly urban ways of life and the gradual move towards a multifunctional room, interior architects are taking particular interest in the living room, as the family's meeting point.

No matter how it's styled, the living room has truly become the heart of the home, whether as a reading corner or a reception area. It is well used, and most people want to decorate it so as to feel good and be proud of it.

To do so, you can often count on a wall decoration, particularly a large abstract or minimalist painting, to make use of the space and give the room its soul and atmosphere.

Discover, for example, Jeremy Annear's work; his oil paintings share similarities with Braque, Picasso and Miro. The British artist depicts Cornwall through the use of shapes and colours, with textural effects and relief-like layers.

For his part, Rafiy Okefolahan draws his creative force from the cultural hive of his native Africa and Benin. His canvases are infused with remarkable power and can add character to any interior, invigorating it with his vibrant colours.

If you'd like something more figurative, Marek Okrassa strives to recreate the movements of the human body, particularly through painting dancing couples. His work transports you through time to the life of a bourgeoisie, surrounded by old cars and exquisite landscapes.

What's more, if you think that a single painting won't be enough, it could be an idea to opt for a more original format such as a diptych, or even a triptych. Some artists, such as Baptiste Léonne or Christelle Lefay adopt this technique to better develop a subject or take different points of view, all the while maintaining an overall visual coherence.

If you'd like to brighten up your interior and make your living room pop, the artistic movement pop art is for you! Starting in the 60s with its pioneers Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, it continues to be hugely popular amongst young artists and with good reason. Its flashy colours and pop culture icons are welcome in our homes, making for endless fascination and entertainment.

Street art is the perfect match for an industrial loft. Cover your walls with works by up-and-coming artists from the underground artistic scene. Graffiti is a growing part of the art market, and has gained a huge amount of recognition with the likes of artists such as JonOne, Jef Aerosol, Blek le Rat and Seaty.

Thanks to Artsper's unique selection from some of the largest international art galleries, finding a contemporary painting for your living room has never been easier!

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Our recommendations Yrjö Edelmann, Untitled, Painting

Yrjö Edelmann

Untitled, 1993
111.8 x 111.8 cm


Our recommendations Max Ernst, Un Acteur de Talent - Original Frottage, Fine Art Drawings

Max Ernst

Un Acteur de Talent - Original Frottage, 1972
36 x 28 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Our recommendations Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Sans titre (Perce-Neige), Painting

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

Sans titre (Perce-Neige), 2017
160 x 144 x 3.5 cm


Guido Segni, Untitled Desert Tile 1, Photography

Guido Segni

Untitled Desert Tile 1, 2017
70 x 100 x 3 cm


Fei Alexeli, Brutal Jungle, Print

Fei Alexeli

Brutal Jungle, 2019
100 x 100 x 1 cm


Luiza Maia, Singer, Painting

Luiza Maia

Singer, 2020
76.2 x 61 cm


Our recommendations Georges Rousse, Dravert, Photography

Georges Rousse

Dravert, 2006
180 x 230 cm


Nadia Myre, Year of the Indian, Sculpture

Nadia Myre

Year of the Indian, 2014
122 x 114 x 13 cm


Thom Thom, Entente Cordiale 2, Painting

Thom Thom

Entente Cordiale 2, 2010
114 x 162 x 3 cm


Our recommendations Hans Hartung, Farandole, Print

Hans Hartung

Farandole, 1971
53 x 41 x 5 cm


Our recommendations Sophie Calle, Les seins miraculeux, Print

Sophie Calle

Les seins miraculeux, 2013
70 x 50 cm


Richard Orlinski, Wild Kong, Sculpture

Richard Orlinski

Wild Kong, 2020
52 x 40 x 23 cm


Antonio Segui, El va a trabajar, Painting

Antonio Segui

El va a trabajar, 2014
45.7 x 55.9 cm


Max Ernst, Jeu d'échecs en Or 23 carats et Argent sulfurisé 1er titre, Sculpture

Max Ernst

Jeu d'échecs en Or 23 carats et Argent sulfurisé 1er titre, 1965
60 x 60 x 5 cm


Zena Blackwell, Untitled (plants, bodies, child), Painting

Zena Blackwell

Untitled (plants, bodies, child), 2017
49.5 x 40.6 x 0.1 cm


Our recommendations Henri Matisse, Nu assis dans un fauteuil, une jambe repliée, Print

Henri Matisse

Nu assis dans un fauteuil, une jambe repliée, 1922
38.8 x 25.7 x 0.1 cm


Our recommendations Vik Muniz, The Great Turf, after Dürer (Pictures of Paper), Photography

Vik Muniz

The Great Turf, after Dürer (Pictures of Paper), 2010
136.4 x 101.6 cm


Angela Morris-Winmill, Fallow Deer Skull on Hand Embellished Diamond Dust Paper, Print

Angela Morris-Winmill

Fallow Deer Skull on Hand Embellished Diamond Dust Paper, 2019
88.9 x 88.9 x 7.6 cm


Kristin Hart, Oregon coast - pink, Photography

Kristin Hart

Oregon coast - pink, 2019
91.4 x 61 x 2.5 cm


Bernhard Lang, AV_Versilia_009, Photography

Bernhard Lang

AV_Versilia_009, 2017
96 x 120 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Sophie Manaches, Trio, Painting

Sophie Manaches

Trio, 2020
42 x 29.7 x 0.2 cm


Kristin Hart, DESERT GARDEN - SOFT TEAL, Photography

Kristin Hart

121.9 x 81.3 x 2.5 cm


Gina Vor, Four Black And White Dreams, Painting

Gina Vor

Four Black And White Dreams, 2019
58 x 41 x 0.2 cm


LN Le Cheviller, Flammes 26, Painting

LN Le Cheviller

Flammes 26, 2016
100 x 70 x 0.1 cm


Béatrice Migliore, Une Ile, Painting

Béatrice Migliore

Une Ile, 2020
80 x 80 x 2.5 cm


Philippe Bréson, Pays #178, Photography

Philippe Bréson

Pays #178, 2015
27 x 27 cm


Philippe Bréson, Pays #184, Photography

Philippe Bréson

Pays #184, 2012
27 x 27 cm


Yiyan Zhou, Dancing Woman 2018 VII, Sculpture

Yiyan Zhou

Dancing Woman 2018 VII, 2018
25 x 32 x 9.5 cm


Sophie Manaches, Alida et les autres, Painting

Sophie Manaches

Alida et les autres, 2020
59 x 42 x 0.2 cm


Rafael Jacinto, Monument, Photography

Rafael Jacinto

Monument, 2015
56 x 200 x 0.1 cm


Raquel Pellicano, Tea time, Photography

Raquel Pellicano

Tea time, 2012
90 x 60 x 0.1 cm


Alain Chardon, Présence, la vallée, Print

Alain Chardon

Présence, la vallée, 2006
85 x 62 x 0.1 cm


Our recommendations Roberto Lucchetta, Dynamic Superface 2019 - Geometric Abstract, Painting

Roberto Lucchetta

Dynamic Superface 2019 - Geometric Abstract, 2019
89 x 89 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Andrej Jakab, Male Nr. 121701, Sculpture

Andrej Jakab

Male Nr. 121701, 2016
48.5 x 27.5 x 9 cm


Sax Berlin, Mortality, Painting

Sax Berlin

Mortality, 2020
121.9 x 91.4 x 5.1 cm


Our recommendations Huang Yan, Four seasons, Summer, Painting

Huang Yan

Four seasons, Summer, 2008
220 x 180 cm


Victoria Horkan, Peacock Bathing, Painting

Victoria Horkan

Peacock Bathing, 2021
100 x 100 x 4 cm


Harouna Ouedraogo, Excursion, Painting

Harouna Ouedraogo

Excursion, 2020
200 x 265 x 0.01 cm


Gaëtan de Séguin, J+ Ensemble, c'est tout, Painting

Gaëtan de Séguin

J+ Ensemble, c'est tout, 2021
111 x 161 x 4 cm


Neyb, Keroc, Painting


Keroc, 2013
89 x 146 x 3 cm


Ilgvars Zalans, Le Pont, Painting

Ilgvars Zalans

Le Pont, 2019
120 x 150 x 5 cm


Salah Chaoui, Chalutiers au large, Painting

Salah Chaoui

Chalutiers au large, 2016
73 x 92 x 2 cm


Shaohui Tu, Moon Maze, Painting

Shaohui Tu

Moon Maze, 2019
58 x 88 cm


Julie Dalloz, After The Rain, Painting

Julie Dalloz

After The Rain, 2015
120 x 100 cm


Alfie Fernandes, Penguin Beach, Painting

Alfie Fernandes

Penguin Beach, 2015
132.1 x 114.3 cm


Pierre Carreau, Aqua Viva #6661, Photography

Pierre Carreau

Aqua Viva #6661, 2016
100 x 150 cm


Our recommendations Valerio Adami, Pandora, Painting

Valerio Adami

Pandora, 1999
97 x 130 x 2.5 cm


Our recommendations Philippe Pasqua, Anne, Fine Art Drawings

Philippe Pasqua

Anne, 2010
240 x 150 x 10 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Manuel Carbonell, Mother and Child, Sculpture

Manuel Carbonell

Mother and Child, 2006
45.7 x 40.6 x 27.9 cm


Georges Saulterre, Aglae, Sculpture

Georges Saulterre

Aglae, 1993
54 x 50 x 6 cm

€11,077 €8,862

Horst P. Horst, Classics - Round The Clock (Variant), Photography

Horst P. Horst

Classics - Round The Clock (Variant), 1987
118.1 x 89.9 x 0.3 cm


Paige Bradley, Academia (Maquette), The Dancers (Blue), Sculpture

Paige Bradley

Academia (Maquette), The Dancers (Blue), 2018
64.8 x 48.3 x 25.4 cm


Didier Ferré, Elle s'en tête, Sculpture

Didier Ferré

Elle s'en tête, 2020
39 x 17 x 10 cm


Ronald Hunter, Striped Pop Art Girl, Painting

Ronald Hunter

Striped Pop Art Girl, 2019
90 x 90 x 3 cm


Alekos Fassianos, Le chevalier à deux chevaux, Painting

Alekos Fassianos

Le chevalier à deux chevaux, 2016
84 x 59 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Yaacov Agam, In All Directions (Toutes Directions), Sculpture

Yaacov Agam

In All Directions (Toutes Directions), 1970
43.8 x 29.2 x 18.4 cm


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