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Fantastical painting

Fantasy painting is a style of art which explores the supernatural, depicting fantastical elements such as legends, ancient myths and divine figures. Mythical creatures are also prevalent in this genre where elves, fairies, dragons and wizards are often depicted alongside deities, angels and demons.

Fantasy painting grew in popularity after the invention of photography replaced the demand for Realism in the 19th century. The 20th century saw the introduction of new idealistic movements such as Expressionism, Cubism, Abstraction and Surrealism, where artists abandoned portraying subjects truthfully and embraced the implausible and supernatural. Although Fantasy Painting can technically be traced back to antiquity, it wasn't until the 20th century that it became an accepted art form. Artists of the Italian Renaissance were equally inspired by mythological characters in Greek and Roman culture. However, religious mythology was a highly sophisticated and incredibly important topic during the Renaissance, and is therefore not an example of fantasy painting. 

Contemporary fantasy art has certainly been influenced by a surge in demand for science fiction and whimsical literary plots. This pushed artists to explore the darker corners of fantasy art, employing vampires and werewolves into their artwork. In 1923 the first all-fantasy fiction magazine was created called “Weird Tales", which helped bring fantasy painting onto a contemporary platform. As a result, fantasy painting became a powerful tool in the marketing of fantasy literature and film. Robert E. Howard's comic book hero “Conan the Barbarian" was a prominent feature in Weird Tales magazine. However, when the stories were re-released in 1960 with cover art by notable fantasy painter, Frank Frazetta, over 10 million copies were sold. This success lead to the creation of other fantasy art magazines. French magazine, “Métal Hurlant" (howling metal) was created in 1974. Due to its huge readership and demand, it was translated and republished in the United States as “Heavy Metal" in 1977. The late 70s also saw a boom in computer games and blockbuster films, which only furthered the popularity of fantasy painting. Hugely successful films like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hobbit and Twilight were paramount in fantasy painting's not only rise to prominence, but also increasing acceptance as an art form. 

Despite the skill of artists that produce fantasy paintings, it is still not considered canonical. Since it is not an example of “high art", the genre is generally not exhibited in galleries or taught in art schools, which many claim is due to the popularity of fantasy literature and film. However, as fantasy painting's reputation grows, so does the acceptance for a wider variety of art forms. Therefore, we can't eliminate the possibility that this massively prominent genre won't be considered highbrow one day. 

Discover our selection of original paintings by contemporary artists and painters who have been inspired by all things supernatural, mythical and divine.

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Albena Vatcheva, Les 4 éléments, Painting

Albena Vatcheva

Les 4 éléments, 2022
100 x 100 x 2.5 cm

$5,430 $5,158

Gabrielle Rul, Hard boiled eggs and buttered toasts for breakfast, Painting

Gabrielle Rul

Hard boiled eggs and buttered toasts for breakfast, 2022
31 x 23 cm


Yosl Bergner, A Girl In A Window, Painting

Yosl Bergner

A Girl In A Window, 1995
40 x 30 x 3.5 cm


Alexander Daniloff, Dondolando tra le stelle, Painting

Alexander Daniloff

Dondolando tra le stelle, 2020
45 x 30 x 0.2 cm


Our recommendations Irwan Guntarto, Crushed In Between Stone, Painting

Irwan Guntarto

Crushed In Between Stone, 2016
100 x 100 cm


Alexander Dimitrov, Secrets, Painting

Alexander Dimitrov

Secrets, 2021
19 x 20 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Arthur Midianga, Fruity Pebbles, Painting

Arthur Midianga

Fruity Pebbles, 2021
102.9 x 77.5 x 2.5 cm


Eury Kim, Manifestation: Camellia, Painting

Eury Kim

Manifestation: Camellia, 2021
53 x 40.8 x 2 cm


Julian Jordanov, Before the gate, Painting

Julian Jordanov

Before the gate, 2020
60 x 46 cm


Orlando Alandia, Milestones and rites I, Painting

Orlando Alandia

Milestones and rites I, 2021
80 x 60 cm


Svetla Koseva, Community, Painting

Svetla Koseva

Community, 2019
90 x 70 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Diederik Van Apple, Dream hotel, Painting

Diederik Van Apple

Dream hotel, 2021
200 x 140 x 5 cm


Sofia Fotiadou, Untitled IV, Painting

Sofia Fotiadou

Untitled IV, 2020
90 x 90 x 4 cm


Our recommendations Michaël Brack, Méduse, Painting

Michaël Brack

Méduse, 2012
40 x 30 cm


Our recommendations Antoine Josse, L'incompétence de l'eau, Painting

Antoine Josse

L'incompétence de l'eau, 2020
61 x 82 x 3 cm


Our recommendations Simon Rohlen Kef!, Unwavering Joy #3, Painting

Simon Rohlen Kef!

Unwavering Joy #3, 2020
160 x 106.7 x 3.8 cm


Homek, L'éclipse (collaboration Elips-Homek), Painting


L'éclipse (collaboration Elips-Homek), 2021
40 x 40 x 3 cm


Our recommendations Tahuanty Jacanamijoy, El regalo de la persistencia (Framed), Painting

Tahuanty Jacanamijoy

El regalo de la persistencia (Framed), 2021
35 x 27 x 0.3 cm


Studio Abawé, Alien, Painting

Studio Abawé

Alien, 2019
99.5 x 70 cm


Our recommendations Benoît Mauduech, The gold bridge, Painting

Benoît Mauduech

The gold bridge, 2019
80 x 80 x 5 cm


Our recommendations Anne-Marie Vesco, Allégorie de fertilité, Painting

Anne-Marie Vesco

Allégorie de fertilité, 2018
33 x 26 x 2 cm


Roamcouch, Mother Earth, Painting


Mother Earth, 2020
65 x 65 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Andrew Weir, Her disappointed kiss (in black), Painting

Andrew Weir

Her disappointed kiss (in black), 2019
48 x 36 x 0.01 cm


Our recommendations Manuela Karin Knaut, Never too late for New York, Painting

Manuela Karin Knaut

Never too late for New York, 2020
120 x 120 x 4 cm


Maria Luisa Azzini, TV World London, Painting

Maria Luisa Azzini

TV World London, 2021
70 x 70 x 2 cm


Pino Rosa, Chase e gli altri, Painting

Pino Rosa

Chase e gli altri, 2020
33 x 73 x 1 cm


Shin Seung-Hun, Fantasy Jejuisland - Island Girl Story, Painting

Shin Seung-Hun

Fantasy Jejuisland - Island Girl Story, 2019
45.5 x 33.4 x 4 cm


Jean-Michel Loutoby, Sans titre - série Caraïbes, Painting

Jean-Michel Loutoby

Sans titre - série Caraïbes, 2018
40 x 40 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Ovidiu Kloska, About Creation We Are Energy Sublime Greyscape Divine Silence Composition, Painting

Ovidiu Kloska

About Creation We Are Energy Sublime Greyscape Divine Silence Composition, 2020
100 x 100 x 4 cm


Mikolaj Malesza, Cats, Painting

Mikolaj Malesza

Cats, 2019
50 x 70 cm


Estelle Brunet, Sans titre, Painting

Estelle Brunet

Sans titre, 2020
50 x 65 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Aldéhy, Les quatre cavaliers de l'apocalyse - L'alfa et l'oméga., Painting


Les quatre cavaliers de l'apocalyse - L'alfa et l'oméga., 2001
137 x 172 x 1 cm


Cobalt, Colère, Painting


Colère, 2020
70 x 50 cm


Marie-Blanche Bayon, Le temps, Painting

Marie-Blanche Bayon

Le temps, 2017
73 x 50 x 2 cm


Harouna Ouedraogo, Hear from one ear, Painting

Harouna Ouedraogo

Hear from one ear, 2020
81 x 65 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Philippe Jacq, La malveillance déguisée en bienveillance, Painting

Philippe Jacq

La malveillance déguisée en bienveillance, 2021
65 x 50 x 2 cm


Michal  Sikorski, I would like to tell you something, Painting

Michal Sikorski

I would like to tell you something, 2007
80 x 120 cm


Our recommendations Susan Lee Grant, Silver Thread III, Painting

Susan Lee Grant

Silver Thread III, 2019
121.9 x 91.4 x 4 cm


Mahé Ros, Bienveillance - série monde imaginaire, Painting

Mahé Ros

Bienveillance - série monde imaginaire, 2020
80 x 80 x 2 cm


Our recommendations Alec Cumming, Sun lounge, Painting

Alec Cumming

Sun lounge, 2019
92 x 107 x 2 cm


Willy Charps, Un ange passe, Painting

Willy Charps

Un ange passe, 2017
80 x 80 x 2 cm


Janusz Orzechowski, Eight years later, Painting

Janusz Orzechowski

Eight years later, 2016
90 x 160 x 2 cm


Our recommendations RG RG, Adaba, Painting


Adaba, 2021
39.5 x 44 x 2 cm


Jean-Louis Manuel, L'homme au faucon, série Art animalier, Painting

Jean-Louis Manuel

L'homme au faucon, série Art animalier, 2021
55 x 46 x 2 cm


Jacques Chazel, Oniris - série monde imaginaire, Painting

Jacques Chazel

Oniris - série monde imaginaire, 2020
60 x 80 x 4 cm


Giuseppe Gruciani, Le Farfalle volano per te, Painting

Giuseppe Gruciani

Le Farfalle volano per te, 2019
50 x 50 x 2 cm


Jérôme Bouscarat, La chouette, Painting

Jérôme Bouscarat

La chouette, 2020
55 x 46 x 2 cm

$1,028 $874

Nesly Richard, Counter forces, Painting

Nesly Richard

Counter forces, 2012
61 x 61 x 4 cm


Yoko d'Holbachie, Spiral girl, Painting

Yoko d'Holbachie

Spiral girl, 2011
33 x 33 x 4 cm


Jérôme Mesnager & Cyclic, 184, Painting

Jérôme Mesnager & Cyclic

184, 2021
55 x 46 x 4 cm


Our recommendations Brigitte Isaeff (B Luna), Ocean N°1, Painting

Brigitte Isaeff (B Luna)

Ocean N°1, 2020
70 x 70 x 2.5 cm

$1,386 $1,220

Ellie Hesse, Chinese Dragon Dance, Painting

Ellie Hesse

Chinese Dragon Dance, 2018
40 x 84 x 3 cm


Gelitin, Gelatin pavillon - some like it hot, Painting


Gelatin pavillon - some like it hot, 2011
101.8 x 73 cm


Kayava, Urbanity, Painting


Urbanity, 2016
76 x 35 x 4 cm


Our recommendations José Galant, Neo Surrealistic Sunrise, Painting

José Galant

Neo Surrealistic Sunrise, 2012
78.7 x 147.3 x 5.1 cm


Maciej Swieszewski, Composition, Painting

Maciej Swieszewski

Composition, 2012
13 x 18 cm


PAM - Artiste peintre, Mi Alice- Mi Lapin, Painting

PAM - Artiste peintre

Mi Alice- Mi Lapin, 2017
81 x 65 x 1.5 cm


Carlos Antonio Sablon Perez, La Rose, Painting

Carlos Antonio Sablon Perez

La Rose, 2015
70 x 50 x 4 cm


Christos Kalfas, Langage du bois fleuri, Painting

Christos Kalfas

Langage du bois fleuri, 2011
40 x 40 cm


Ludivine Corominas, Harmonie Tropicale, Painting

Ludivine Corominas

Harmonie Tropicale, 2021
55 x 38 x 2 cm


Clemyart, Fantaisie, Painting


Fantaisie, 2021
50 x 50 x 2 cm


Angelo Donadoni, L'abandon, Painting

Angelo Donadoni

L'abandon, 1989
88 x 117.5 x 1 cm


Jez Baille Bosio, Le Phoenix, Painting

Jez Baille Bosio

Le Phoenix, 2016
60 x 60 x 4 cm


Our recommendations Gerlanda di Francia, Pic nic in Amityville, Painting

Gerlanda di Francia

Pic nic in Amityville, 2019
40 x 30 x 1 cm


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