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Bringing art into your business with leasing

As the European leader in online art sales, Artsper offers you its network of 1,800 partner galleries worldwide and its established position in the art world to help you acquire works of art through leasing, starting at 1,000 euros. Art leasing allows you to finance the purchase of a work of art through your company, while benefiting from tax deductions. In practice, companies and professionals can lease a work of art for a period of 13 to 48 months. At the end of the contract, they only have to pay the residual amount to definitively acquire the chosen work. Thus, it is a progressive way to invest in art while enjoying tax savings. Discover all the conditions and advantages of art leasing with Artsper!

Support from start to finish

  1. Curation and selection

    Benefit from a free advisory services and a tailor-made selection of works of art adapted to your tastes and wishes. From artists' quotes, works of art spotted at the biggest art fairs like Art Basel and Frieze, to the most advantageous investments: let our expert advisors guide you to make the right choices.

  2. Validation of the art leasing contract

    We draw up the contract, validate and secure the deal with our specialized financial partner. You are guided at every stage and the financing of your work of art in leasing is done in complete security. As soon as the contract is validated, we organize the delivery of the artworks to your offices.

  3. Payment and exhibition

    Art leasing gives you the freedom to spread out your monthly payments from 13 to 48 months. During the entire lease period, you benefit from a tax deduction on the purchase of the artwork for your company. Each month, you pay your monthly payments to the bank while admiring your new acquisition, already installed in your space!

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The tax benefits of art leasing

Decrease in taxable income

  • 100% of the rent paid is deductible from corporate income tax (IS) or income tax (IRPP), according to article 238 bis AB of the General Tax Code. Thus the financing of a work of art by leasing is accompanied by an advantageous tax deduction.

Limited risks

  • Leasing allows you to keep your borrowing capacity because it is considered as a rental expense. Each month, you pay a rent, i.e. the monthly payment previously validated with the bank, which allows you to progressively finance the work being acquired while already exhibiting it in your workspace.

Exercise of option

  • Before signing the art leasing contract, you choose to spread out your rental payments as you wish, from 13 to 48 months, and you receive a precise simulation of the tax savings realized thanks to the tax exemption. At the end of the contractual period, you strengthen your company's assets by simply paying the residual value equal to 3% of the financed amount.

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Visual and cultural benefits

Corporate culture

  • Strengthen your company's identity with a work of art that is perfectly in line with your values. The resulting image reflected to your customers and suppliers is positive and your employees are inspired.

Positive work environment

  • Stimulate your employees' creativity and limit stress and depression by creating a healthy and calm work environment with the help of artwork. Surprise your teams by developing a customized collection for your company.

Build your collection

  • Become a player in the art market by following trends, buying big names and supporting emerging artists. Offer your employees a privileged access to culture and unite your teams around art.

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Who can lease art?

All companies with headquarters in France are able to benefit from art leasing. Artsper also offers its art leasing service to companies located in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. Among the companies that have already used our services are medical practices, restaurants, hotels, cafés, coworking spaces, real estate agencies, large corporations and startups.

Professionals such as architects, lawyers, notaries, chartered accountants, physiotherapists, nurses and doctors can also set up a leasing contract and acquire works of art for their workspaces with a tax deduction. In both cases, 100% of the rent paid each month is considered as a rental expense and is deducted from the taxable income, either on income tax (for independent professionals) or on corporate tax (for companies).

What are the requirements for buying leased art on Artsper?

Buying art by leasing (via a credit lease or via the LOA, rental with purchase option) must respect certain criteria:

  • This service is reserved for companies and independent professionals.
  • The price of the work on Artsper must be at least €1,000.

Please note that leasing is different from the patronage law. Under the patronage law, a company can also acquire a work of art and benefit from tax advantages. In effect, it can amortize its investment by placing one fifth of the total amount per year for five years in its expenses. This scheme is accompanied by specific and stricter conditions, such as the fact that the work must be exhibited in a place open to the public and that it must be purchased by a living artist.

Is it possible to commission a custom-made work?

On Artsper, it is entirely possible to commission a piece of art, which means asking one of our 25,000 artists on the platform to create a piece of art specifically for your project.

With the help of our art consultants, find the perfect artist for your business and tell them what you need. Whether it's a monumental sculpture for a lobby, a series of paintings on a specific theme, or drawings in line with your brand, our artists will be happy to create a unique piece for you to lease.