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Fine Art Drawings

It is difficult to accurately define drawing in the development of the visual arts, as it has greatly evolved through various historical periods, art movements and theories. There is indeed an array of drawing types, including children's chalk drawings, editorial illustrations, nude drawing, portrait,  drawing in animated films, caricatures, animal drawings

However we can agree on the fact that drawings are all works of art which usually use paper as their support, regardless of the technique used. Drawing has earned its place among the noble visual arts and it is the first thing that students are taught how to do at schools of Fine Arts. Knowing how to draw and sketch is essential for any artist or illustrator throughout their career. In the words of the great master Alberto Giacometti: “Drawing is the basis of everything."

Drawing is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of human expression with the use of pictographs dating back as early as Prehistoric times. Although drawing has been present throughout all the ages and in particular in Asia where it was commonly used, its forms and uses started to diversify in the 19th century. Thanks to the significant industrial growth of the 19th century, technical drawing (or industrial drawing) began to take off and clearly differentiated itself from artistic drawing. As a result, it has become highly codified and its objective is to convey very precise information about how something should be manufactured or used. Fashion illustration shares a similar purpose. Drawing is also used for architecture and design…

Asides from its more practical uses, it has also become a form of artistic expression. Although drawing is often perceived as the subject's outline, in contrast with the work's coloured surface, and not thought of as a work of art in its own right, it is well and truly one of the most accomplished forms of artistic expression, in the same way as painting or sculpture. From figurative to abstract art, drawing is now available in a multitude of different styles and has earned its reputation as an art form. For example, 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch, one of the most famous and expensive artworks (it was at one time the most expensive work of art in the world!) is a drawing which mixes pastels and oil painting.

Artists employ a range different drawing techniques. Drawings can be created with ink, gouache paint, watercolours, pens, marker, pencils, charcoal or felt-tip pens - but whatever the medium they are always on paper. A drawing can be geometric or abstract but it could also be figurative or hyperrealistic.

Buying a drawing with Artsper means owning an original modern or contemporary artwork. All types of drawing are available, whether they have been made by emerging or well-established artists. So don't miss out on artwork by some of the biggest names in contemporary art, including Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Hans Hartung, Philippe Pasqua and Robert Combas.

Collector’s Guide: Collecting Drawings

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Jacques Villeglé, Alphabet-Profil, Fine Art Drawings

Jacques Villeglé

Alphabet-Profil, 2014
25 x 15 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Valérie Hadida, Trio, Fine Art Drawings

Valérie Hadida

Trio, 2021
40 x 30 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Alice de Miramon, Le guitariste, Fine Art Drawings

Alice de Miramon

Le guitariste, 2021
30 x 22 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Sumit Mehndiratta, Composition No.277, Fine Art Drawings

Sumit Mehndiratta

Composition No.277, 2020
64 x 41 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Meteo Meteo, Sans titre, Fine Art Drawings

Meteo Meteo

Sans titre, 2021
21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Julie Galiay, Glossy Lips, Fine Art Drawings

Julie Galiay

Glossy Lips, 2021
20.3 x 30.5 x 0.3 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$918 $826

Istraille, Blue Eyes, Fine Art Drawings


Blue Eyes, 2021
20.3 x 30.5 x 0.3 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$1,147 $1,032

Laurent Anastay-Ponsolle, Blackened Lovers #8, Fine Art Drawings

Laurent Anastay-Ponsolle

Blackened Lovers #8, 2021
76 x 56 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$1,090 $981

JonOne, Jonone, Fine Art Drawings


Jonone, 2021
32 x 41 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Guy Denning, Modern Citizen - Sailing through, Fine Art Drawings

Guy Denning

Modern Citizen - Sailing through, 2018
42 x 42 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Nicolas Dubreuille, Sans titre ref (303), Fine Art Drawings

Nicolas Dubreuille

Sans titre ref (303), 2017
35 x 35 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$826 $743

Lionel le Jeune, Lion, Fine Art Drawings

Lionel le Jeune

Lion, 2021
42 x 30 x 0.2 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Nef, Bubble face II, Fine Art Drawings


Bubble face II, 2020
30.5 x 22.9 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Hildegarde Handsaeme, Family Love I, Fine Art Drawings

Hildegarde Handsaeme

Family Love I, 2019
76 x 56 x 1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Éléonore Deshayes, Dessin 47, série Carnet de voyage, Fine Art Drawings

Éléonore Deshayes

Dessin 47, série Carnet de voyage, 2021
19 x 14 x 0.2 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Piotre, Bond, Fine Art Drawings


Bond, 2021
20.3 x 30.5 x 0.3 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$1,262 $1,136

Sheikh Mohammad Sultan, Untitled, Fine Art Drawings

Sheikh Mohammad Sultan

Untitled, 1960
20.3 x 26.7 x 2.5 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Jean-Baptiste Dumont, Sans Titre, Fine Art Drawings

Jean-Baptiste Dumont

Sans Titre, 2021
32 x 24 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Jessica Renault jrbrush, The Godfather, Fine Art Drawings

Jessica Renault jrbrush

The Godfather, 2021
20.3 x 30.5 x 0.3 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Kirill Postovit, A Little Symphony, Fine Art Drawings

Kirill Postovit

A Little Symphony, 2021
23 x 31 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Chanoir, Cha squelette rose, Fine Art Drawings


Cha squelette rose, 2011
153 x 103 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$3,671 $3,120

Jacques Villon, Sans Titre, Fine Art Drawings

Jacques Villon

Sans Titre, 1963
21 x 21.5 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Robert Combas, Les yeux fermier !, Fine Art Drawings

Robert Combas

Les yeux fermier !, 2020
46 x 30 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Arman, Watch Gears, Fine Art Drawings


Watch Gears, 1979
86.4 x 68.6 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Pierre-François Grimaldi, Passy, Fine Art Drawings

Pierre-François Grimaldi

Passy, 2021
100 x 100 x 4 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Dan Solojoff, Bénédiction, Fine Art Drawings

Dan Solojoff

Bénédiction, 1959
38 x 28 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Our recommendations Valerio Adami, Coltelli, Fine Art Drawings

Valerio Adami

Coltelli, 1976
48 x 36 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Muriel Deumie, Manga French, Fine Art Drawings

Muriel Deumie

Manga French, 2017
100 x 20 x 4 cm
Fine Art Drawings


LN Le Cheviller, Le réconfort 2, Fine Art Drawings

LN Le Cheviller

Le réconfort 2, 2013
100 x 50 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Julie Espiau, Sérénité, Fine Art Drawings

Julie Espiau

Sérénité, 2021
29 x 20 x 2 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Homek, Retour de Bouarfa, Fine Art Drawings


Retour de Bouarfa, 2021
20 x 15 x 4 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Linda Bachammar Clerget, Lovers, Fine Art Drawings

Linda Bachammar Clerget

Lovers, 2021
100 x 70 x 0.5 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$803 $723

Hanna Chroboczek, Chat et poisson, Fine Art Drawings

Hanna Chroboczek

Chat et poisson, 2021
36 x 36 x 0.5 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Jule, Introspection, Fine Art Drawings


Introspection, 2021
75 x 55 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Pierre Tal-Coat, Composition avec animaux, Fine Art Drawings

Pierre Tal-Coat

Composition avec animaux, 1945
19 x 30.3 x 2 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Mel Ramos, Pucci Pants, Fine Art Drawings

Mel Ramos

Pucci Pants, 2015
22 x 19 cm
Fine Art Drawings


AKET, Devil's advocate, Fine Art Drawings


Devil's advocate, 2021
20.3 x 30.5 x 0.3 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Philippe Pasqua, Grande vanité aux papillons, Fine Art Drawings

Philippe Pasqua

Grande vanité aux papillons, 2010
160 x 160 x 4 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Our recommendations Lantomo, Lightness 4, Fine Art Drawings


Lightness 4, 2019
70 x 50 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine, Le Funambule, Fine Art Drawings

Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine

Le Funambule, 2021
67 x 95 x 0.2 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Irina Yakovleva, Matilda, Fine Art Drawings

Irina Yakovleva

Matilda, 2021
35 x 29 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$459 $413

Agrume, Nocturne, la Lune et les papillons, Fine Art Drawings


Nocturne, la Lune et les papillons, 2021
40 x 30 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Noël Granger, L’écureuil du jardin, Fine Art Drawings

Noël Granger

L’écureuil du jardin, 2021
29 x 21 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Pierre Alechinsky, Sans-titre, Fine Art Drawings

Pierre Alechinsky

Sans-titre, 2016
27.5 x 18.5 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$4,015 $3,413

Mino Maccari, At the Beach, Fine Art Drawings

Mino Maccari

At the Beach, 1960
32 x 24 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Mathilde Polidori, Light Anxiety - Etude, Fine Art Drawings

Mathilde Polidori

Light Anxiety - Etude, 2021
29.7 x 21 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Bartolhomew, Jean- Michel Basquiat, Fine Art Drawings


Jean- Michel Basquiat, 2021
40 x 30 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Will Taylor, Fishing at Ramsgate, Fine Art Drawings

Will Taylor

Fishing at Ramsgate, 2021
20 x 30 x 1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Susie Perring, Pottery Horse Red, Fine Art Drawings

Susie Perring

Pottery Horse Red, 2021
25 x 25 x 1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Angel Alonso, Composition jaune, Fine Art Drawings

Angel Alonso

Composition jaune, 1959
50 x 66 x 1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Daniel Duville, French Landscape, Fine Art Drawings

Daniel Duville

French Landscape, 1950
46 x 60 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Nicola Carrino, Structure, Fine Art Drawings

Nicola Carrino

Structure, 1964
67 x 47 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Maria José Ortega, Abstract Composition, Fine Art Drawings

Maria José Ortega

Abstract Composition, 1962
16 x 45 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Silvia Cuello, The discourse, Fine Art Drawings

Silvia Cuello

The discourse, 2017
29 x 21 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Our recommendations César Baldaccini, Arrachage, Fine Art Drawings

César Baldaccini

Arrachage, 1961
60 x 39 x 0.1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Hervé Di Rosa, Tête, Fine Art Drawings

Hervé Di Rosa

Tête, 1994
50 x 40 cm
Fine Art Drawings


P. Salvan, Les yeux vairons, Fine Art Drawings

P. Salvan

Les yeux vairons, 2021
40 x 30 x 2 cm
Fine Art Drawings

$229 $206

Pauline Salvan, Bienvenue dans ma ville, Fine Art Drawings

Pauline Salvan

Bienvenue dans ma ville, 2021
30 x 40 x 1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Otist, Pulp Infection, Fine Art Drawings


Pulp Infection, 2021
20.3 x 30.5 x 0.3 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Jon Pryke, Sea Change, Fine Art Drawings

Jon Pryke

Sea Change, 2021
51 x 49 x 1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Seen, Looney Lenny with tags, Fine Art Drawings


Looney Lenny with tags, 2009
11 x 8.5 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Our recommendations Emanuele Ravagnani, Self-Portrait #4, Fine Art Drawings

Emanuele Ravagnani

Self-Portrait #4, 2017
44 x 30 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Leticia Barreto, Kintsugi series # 4, Fine Art Drawings

Leticia Barreto

Kintsugi series # 4, 2021
27 x 17.5 x 1 cm
Fine Art Drawings


Éric Mercier Sevin, Différence, Fine Art Drawings

Éric Mercier Sevin

Différence, 2014
65 x 50 x 0.02 cm
Fine Art Drawings


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