Landscape Impressionists

Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Morisot, Sisley… These names are synonymous with landscape Impressionists and you can almost imagine them outside painting en plein air. Alfred Sisley made a stance to even complete his work outside in one sitting and this quick, visible brushstroke laden work influenced many artists who came after them. In 1841 an American artist invented collapsible metal tubes for oil paints and for a landscape Impressionist this new convenience was indispensable. When the idea arose for a group exhibition of work by the artists who would come to be called Impressionists, Pissarro and Sisley were among the earliest and most enthusiastic supporters. Pissarro drafted the group's written statement of purpose and would be the only artist to participate in all eight Impressionist exhibitions. The use of buildings and trees to frame paintings and the ability to capture light or fleeting cloud shadows on a hillside changed the art world forever, even inspiring today's artists features on Artsper. The likes of David Hinchliffe and Rob Buntin's work captures the reflection of light, whilst Patrick Marie does such justice to revisiting the very same vistas as the pioneers of landscape Impressionism themselves.

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