Organic Forms

Nature has been an immense source of inspiration for artists throughout art history. From landscape paintings to nature-inspired sculptures to abstract flower paintings, its influence appears again and again in the arts. The natural world not only represents heritage, culture and history, but often also holds religious and spiritual symbolism. For many artists, representing the beauty of nature through art also provides a way to address themes such as climate change, highlighting our duty to protect the beauty and diversity of our planet.

The world of contemporary art is ever-evolving, but despite the popularization of Pop Art and other art styles that depict modern life, many artists still find the most inspiration in organic matter. As is the nature of the art world of the 21st century, this can take many different forms and styles. To reflect this diversity, we have selected some of our favorite contemporary artists that take inspiration from the flowing organic forms found in nature. Join us today to discover our selection, from the abstract paintings of Alec Franco to the Earth-inspired sculptures of Philip Hearsey!

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