Cosmic Art

Humans have long been fascinated by planet Earth and what lies beyond it. Few have the chance to visit outer space in their lifetime, but through art, creators find alternative ways to explore our universe. Cosmic art comes in many forms, including photography, painting, sculpture and drawing. It is defined as art that represents the universe, whether depicting galaxies, planets, or extraterrestrial beings!

From NASA art to Artificial Intelligence, science and art often overlap in unexpected ways. Both are fundamentally based on observation and interpretation, aiming to explore and uncover aspects of our universe. An example of a creator that uses visual art in this way is Jesús Pelegrí, who aims to represent the concept of genesis (how life comes into existence) through art. Painting in a hyperrealistic style, Pelegrí's works blend biological, meteoric and spatial components to produce images straight out of the cosmos. Moving from painting to sculpture, Spanish artist Inès V. Fortuny represents the cosmos using materials such as fiberglass, pigments and resin. 

The world of cosmic art is fascinating and diverse, with artists approaching the subject from various angles. From representations of galaxies, planets, or extraterrestrial beings, discover our selection of cosmic artworks today!

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