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Georges Bru - Everything is simple

From 7 April to 28 May 2016

Galerie Polysémie

Galerie Polysémie

Marseille - France


George Bru was born in 1933. He spent his youth in Albi (south of France). He has been living in Toulon since 1976 where he was an art teacher until 1993.

Georges Bru is an artist, a craftsman of the imaginary. He is a master of the precision of the vagueness. He creates characters that are half and half woman whose moods are masked by a false neutrality. The painter seduces through his drawings, his aesthetics, his monstrosities. He makes us think of Dali, to this perfect lines, to this outrageous surrealism which is no other than the realism of our imagination.

Through his works, Bru lets us in his mysterious, sometimes unsettling world, where we can discover half men and half animals characters. His strange and unique works depict ghostly figures in dim light and foggy atmosphere.

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  • 12 rue de la Cathédrale
    13002, Marseille

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Georges Bru, Forme qui vole , Drawing

Georges Bru

Forme qui vole , 2013
28 x 21 cm

€1 500

Georges Bru, Personnage bien luné, Drawing

Georges Bru

Personnage bien luné, 2012
13 x 20 x 1 cm

Sold out

Georges Bru, Animal en force de saucisse, Drawing

Georges Bru

Animal en force de saucisse, 2011
13 x 19 x 1 cm

€1 050

Georges Bru, Anatomie du cerveau 2, Drawing

Georges Bru

Anatomie du cerveau 2, 2006
19 x 27 x 1 cm

€1 300

Georges Bru, Personnage au bandeau, Drawing

Georges Bru

Personnage au bandeau, 2006
27 x 19 x 1 cm

€1 300

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