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Decorative objects

Decorative art objects are typically small, three-dimensional items of incredible quality. Items under the heading of art objects can be made from a myriad of materials and include a diverse range of decorative arts. This includes small sculptures, metalwork, plaques, figurines, ivory carvings, glass objects, and a wide range of antiques: small clocks, watchings, wooden boxes, etc.The term art object is quite expansive and flexible, as it includes works that are often to not fit into other categories of art such as paintings, (large) sculptures, prints, or fine art drawings. There is a distinction between decorative objects and fine art. This difference is rooted in the functionality, intention, importance, and status of the work. It is also attached to the production or creation of the object itself, and these objects are typically smaller in size than works associated with fine arts.Decorative objects are typically mobile, as they are small in size. Unlike larger works of art, these pieces can be moved easily from place to place. Although tiny in stature, these items carry significant weight, adding personality, aesthetics, and style to any space. Are you looking for a new piece to spruce up a particular spot in your home? Discover a collection of decorative art objects from the last century to now!


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Decorative objects

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