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Form and Fractal

From 20 August to 31 December 2016

G&J's Art Gallery

G&J's Art Gallery

Montreux - Switzerland


As a manifestation and interpretation of the world, "Form and Fractal" presents us the works by two talented artists: Inn-Yang Low (E.H.) and Patrizia Abderhalden. "Form" creates the visible configuration of the world, which can be embodied with the works of Inn-Yang.

On the other hand, "Fractal" refers to a curve or a geometric figure where each part has the same character as the whole. Fractals can be seen as similar patterns that reach and construct into a regularity-frequently used in describing random or chaotic phenomena such as snowflakes, crystal growth and galaxy formation. The concept of fractal can bet best represented with the works of Patrizia where her photography unveils the nature structures within the artificial world.

In this exhibition, the two artists give us different ways to perceive the world.

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  • Rue de l'église Catholique 11
    11820, Montreux

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