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Écriture et poésie, le geste maîtrisé : Cy Twombly, Walter Stöhrer & László Lakner

Paris From 16 March to 15 April 2017

Galerie Charron

Galerie Charron

Paris - France

In the movement of the prestigious retrospective dedicated to Cy Twombly at Centre Pompidou, Galerie Charron has the privilege to present from March 16, to April 15, 2017, seven lithographs of the artist, from the portfolio Six Latin Writers and Poets, realized in 1975 and published in 1976. Galerie Charron proposes with this exhibition a questioning around the sign, the line and the word, through the approach of Cy Twombly, Walter Stöhrer and László Lakner, three poets & painters of the second half of the twentieth century.

With this portfolio, Cy Twombly tributes to the Ancients through references to antique literature. Testimony of the passion of the artist for the mythological resources, he draws up a clever mixture between elaboration of the writing and inspiration of the myth, bringing out the six names of these Latin poets and writers. Sometimes limpid and assertive, sometimes of a more tormented aspect, with superimpositions of writings, this style is not without rapper the works of László Lakner and Walter Stöhrer. The work of these artists constitutes a constant thought on the tension between abstraction and figuration : a kind of a new form of writing, always with lyricism at its origin. Far from its first informative aspect, the word is like a space of plastic freedom and at the heart of the spatial composition of the work. Faced with these paintings, the observer is in a situation where the effect is prime and can leave his imagination free to face the word and what it evokes.

Walter Stöhrer, whose technique evokes the first works of Twombly, comes to insert a poetry in a voluptuous and turbulent painting, where the incomplete figures mingle with an alphabet for the ancient Malerei und Grafik (Painting and Graphic). Lakner's Schopenhauer, for whom the gesture of writing is fundamental - and often monumental - is intended to be quantum to the letter, made of a written form combined with a very particular spatial composition.

The exhibition "Écriture et Poésie: le geste maîtrisé" presents the "rencontre" of this new writing with the pictorial: the grapheme, at the origin of painting, drawing and writing, The complex and formed spaces, while leaving room for spontaneity associated raw linearity, figures and explosions of colors, revealing all the expressiveness of these revolutionary artists.
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  • 43 rue Volta
    Paris, 75003

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