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Arielle d'Hauterives Galerie

Arielle d'Hauterives Galerie

Brussels - Belgium

The Way

Brussels From 13 February to 21 March 2015

On the occasion of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2015, Arielle d’Hauterives dedicates an exhibition, Baltic Way, to two Latvian artists : Baiba Osïte and Inese Margevica.

The textile artist Baiba Osite enters the Latvian art scene in the1980s. In 1985 she graduated from the Textile Art Department of the Latvian Art Academy. Following Latvian textile art traditions based on folk ethnographic heritage, she soon developes into a creative artist. Her work evolves then into more audacious artistic expressions. The experiences and impressions that she gaines from various cultures is the inspiration for the innovative experiments reflected in her textile and fiber artworks.

For the artist, art is a way of self-study and manifestation. As a textile artist, she is equally concerned with the conception, execution and awareness of the chosen material. To express thoughts, feelings and ideas, the proper choice of raw materials is essential. The wide variety available enables the artist to uniquely express her personal ideas, as well as to introduce new trends into the overview of Latvian textile art.

The artist explores, examines and dissects motifs observed in the surrounding world and then reassembles them, re-creating the world in textile materials. Impressions from nature are embodied in her works. Sometimes natural elements are used to depict a selected subject or are even used directly. Her use of natural wood with its rich tonal nuances enhances the expressiveness of her work. Baiba Os?te’s creative work opens up endless possibilities of textile art by proving that it is more than only traditional materials and techniques.

Inese Marg?vi?a works with different materials such as gray and porcelain. She appreciates the porcelain for its whiteness, its lightness and its delicateness. She likes to cover it with ornamental and symbolic motifs in a grey glazing. For her porcelain works, she depicts mainly women, dreamy or attentive, with enigmatic faces, similar but always different, like a mask which would hide an intense inner life.

A graduate from the Latvian Art Academy of Riga, she often exhibits in her country. She participated in solo and collective exhibitions in Paris, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Egypt, Argentina… Her artworks are also present in private collections, including in the USA. She took part in several international symposiums in Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Turkey.
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  • 69 quai des Péniches
    1000, Bruxelles

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Inese Margevica, Dancing girl, Sculpture

Inese Margevica

Dancing girl, 2013
12.2 x 5.5 x 5.5 inch

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