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Paintings - Harrie Sijbers

From 18 December to 24 January 2016



SON EN BREUGEL - Netherlands


Paintings by Harrie Sijbers.

Harrie Sijbers is a Dutch painter. He who loves moving freely from floral arrangements that are still recognizable as figurative, to others in which the shapes of the flowers have lost their real features, acquiring instead those of a throbbing naturalistic abstraction with intense matter effects.

His expressionist paintings show the inner force of colour and of shapes that express feelings, impulses and emotions. Each of his works is resolute in its style and conveys a pictorial liveliness resulting in a unique and innovative perspective – such a rich perspective that it elevates these works to the level of pure aesthetic lyricism.

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  • Peellaan 40
    5691LL, Son

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Harrie Sijbers, Attraction, Painting

Harrie Sijbers

Attraction, 2015
47.2 x 39.4 x 1.6 inch