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Verónica Marcela Amaya

Veronica Marcela Amaya is an Argentinan painter born in Cordoba.

During 7 years, she studied at the Figueroa Alcorta School of Fine Arts, discovering painting, drawing, engraving and sculpture but she specialized mainly in painting and drawing. In 2001, she left to France and lived there for 11 years. Since 2012, she lives and works in Houston Texas.

Her art symbolizes and incorporates various primitive signs, pictographs and archeotypes associated with rupester art, to ancient South America writing, ancestral shapes and the pre-Columbian art.

In her work we find the dissociated mixture of notions of nature and culture. Metamorphosed animals, in situations of defense, aggressiveness or flight, sometimes undefined, evoking very Latin American traditions. The characters play in a search, in the archaic and hieratic fused in spaces and plans. An image deprived of faces, stripped of prudence and tranquility.

The animal is primordial in the Amerindian cosmogonic art which uses a large number of sacred animals having essential places for these archaic communities. The function of these deified animals is to explain everything: the time of planting and harvesting, ecological phenomena, existence, power, etc. They are a link between man and the cosmos. The pictorial construction incorporates contrasting surfaces and textures. The geometrized space, plays a role as fundamental as the characters. The whole composition creates a climate of reflection where one senses the tension between the past and the present.
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