Hermann Nitsch

Born in 1938 - Austria


Hermann Nitsch, born 29 August 1938 in Vienna, is an Austrian contemporary artist. Before focusing on painting, Nitsch has studied at the Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt (Institute of Graphic Arts) in Vienna (Austria).

In 1961, he created his first Schüttbilder (a version of the Dripping developed by the actionists) and, in collaboration with Otto Mühl and Adolf Frohner, he organized actions inspired by the Fluxus happenings and performances.

At this time he also developed the concept of the Orgien-Mysterien Theater (Theater of Orgies and Mysteries). Integrating all art forms -- painting, architecture, music, etc. -- the Orgien-Mysterien Theater, similar to Wagner's idea of Gesamstkunstwerk (total work of art), is supposed to gradually stimulate all the participants' senses until the moment of the climax, when each of them should become aware of their existence in their own differentway.

Since 1971, Nitsch has been organizing regularly his Orgien-Mysterien-Spiele at Schloss Prinzendorf (a castle in Austria), that he has bought the same year. His 100th performance, in the summer of 1998, designed as the culmination of his work, the "6-Tage-Spiel", lasted six whole days.

Hermann Nitsch's vision of the world is profoundly marked by mythical writers such as Sade, Nietzsche, Freud, Artaud or Bataille.

In the creation of his Orgien-Mysterien Theater, Hermann Nitsch is also a writer and composer. His actions are meticulously described and his partitions contain, besides musical pieces, action instructions and texts.

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Exposition "60. malaktion, new york 2011", Nitsch Foundation, Vienne (Austria)
Exposition "Werke aus dem Werk – sammlung museo nitsch neapel", Nitsch Museum, Mistelbach (Autriche)
Exposition “Malaktionismus – exzess und sinnlichkeit”, Museo Hermann Nitsch, Naples (Italie)
Exposition “Hermann Nitsch”, Danubianan meulensteen art museum, Bratislava (Slovaquie)

Exposition "Sinne und Sein", Nitsch museum, Mistelbach (Autriche)

Galerie Thomas Modern, Munich (Allemagne)
Hermann Nitsch Die Apotheke / The Pharmacy, Leo Koenig Inc., New York, NY (USA) (in collaboration with Mike Weiss Gallery)
60.Painting Action // 60.Malaktion, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (USA)
Bloodlines: Paintings by Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, Colorado (USA)

Musée d'Art Moderne de Saint-Étienne (France)
Hermann Nitsch Masterpieces of the Duerckheim Collection, Museumszentrum, Mistlebach (Autriche)
Personal Structures. Time-Space Existence, Künstlerhaus Bregenz (Autriche)
Pentecost celebration: 130. Aktion, Hermann Nitsch Museum, Naples (Italie)
Das Orgien Mysterien Theater, Stella Art Foundation, Moscou (Russie)
Smelling, Nitsch Foundation, Vienne (Autriche)

Opening, Nitsch Foundation (Autriche)
The Past, The Present, and the Disciples of Nitsch, Box Art Gallery, d’Arte, Vérone (Italie)
Galleria Dant’Agostino Casa d’Aste, Turin (Italie)
Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul (Turquie)
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Form as Strategy, Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Columbia University, New York (USA)
Opening, Museo Archivio Laboratorio Naples (Italie)

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Selected Works, 1960 – Present, Hermann Nitsch Museum, Museums Zentrum Mistelbach, Mistelbach (Autriche)

Hermann Nitsch: New Paintings and Video, Mike Weiss Gallery, NY (USA)
Retrospective, Nationalgalerie Staaliche Museen zu Berlin (Allemagne)
Spac Villa Toppoflorio, Undine (Italie)
Hermann Nitsch / Yango Shaobin, Alexanger Ochs – White Space, Beijing; Alexander Ochs, Berlin (Allemagne)

The Orgies Mysteries Theater, The Station Museum, Houston, TX (USA)

New Paintings, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (USA)

Art Scarplin, Merano (Italie)
Fondazione Morra, Naples (Italie)
Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg (Allemagne)

Fondazione Morra, Naples (Italie)
Gallery Fortlaan, Gant (Belgique)

Oberes Belevedere, Vienne (Autriche)
Hürlimannareal, Zürich (Suisse)
Haburger Bahnhof, Berlin (Allemagne)

Palazzo Steline, Milan (Italie)
Galleria Communale D’Arte Moderna e Contemoranea, Rome (Italie)

Mumok, Vienne (Autriche)
Kiscelli Museum, Budapest (Hongrie)

Galerie Frank Hänel, Frankfurt (Allemagne)

Retrospective, Konsthallen Göteborg (Suède)
Retrospective, Musée D’Art et D’Histoire,, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
St. Peter an der Sperr, Wiener Neustadt (Autriche)
Galerie Beaumont,, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Neue Galerie der Stadt, Linz (Autriche)
Underwoodstreet Gallery, Londres (Angleterre)
Kunstraum, Innsbruck (Autriche)
Galerie Prantl, Oberlech (Autriche)

Galerie Stefania Miscetti, Rome (Italie)
Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Wörlen, Passau (Allemagne)
Palazzo delle Exposizioni, Retrospective, Rome (Italie)
Kunstverein Gmunden, Hipp-Halle (Autriche)
Retrospective, Sala Parpalló, Valence (Espagne)
Malaktion U. Ausstellung, Schömerhaus, Klosterneuburg (Autriche)
Galerie Giuseppe Morra, Fondazione Morra, Naples (Italie)
Retrospective, Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca (Espagne)

Retrospektivausstellung, Künstlerhaus, Vienne (Autriche)
Galerie Barlach, Halle-K, Hambourg (Allemagne)
Ausstellung und Aktion in der Trinitatiskirche, Köln (Allemagne)


Exposition « Made in Austria », Essl Museum, Kunst der gegenwart, Klosterneuburg bei wien (Autriche)
Exposition “im dialog: wiener aktionismus”, mdm Museum der modern, Salzburg (Autriche)

Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation, Jersey City, NJ (USA)
Staging Action: Performance in photography since 1960, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY (USA)
L’Insoutenable Légèreté de l’être, Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York (USA) et Paris (France)

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An Open Window on the World of Art, Galleria Civica D’Arts Moderna e Contemporanea, Turin (Italie)
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Five Year Anniversary Show, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (USA)
Ebb and Flow, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (USA)

Eye on Europe: Prints, Books and Multiples / 1960 to Now, The Museum of Modern Art, New York (USA)
Twice Drawn, Tang Museum, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York (USA)
Realm of the Spirit, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (USA)
Reverence, Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art, Peeksill, NY (USA)
Intensive Painting, Galerie Bertrand & Gruner, Geneva (Suisse)
Hermann Nitsch and Erika Schmied, Galerie 422 Margund Lössl, Gmunden (Autriche)

Entourage, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (USA)

Site Santa Fe Biennial, Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM (USA)
Tango, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (USA)

Good Morning Balkan, Athens (Grèce)

Paradise Lost, Stephansstift, Hannover (Allemagne)
Faith, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CN (USA)
Gallery Theater, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

White Box Gallery, New York, NY (USA)

Out of Actions, Between Performance and the Object, 1949-1979, MoCA, Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Beyond The Pink, Video Presentation, Art Centre, Pasadena, CA (USA)

Die Epoche der Moderne, Kunst im 20. Jhdt., Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin (Allemagne)
Sinnlicher Sommer, Künstlerhaus, Vienne (Autriche)
Body, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney (Australie)
Institute of Contemporary Art, Londres (Angleterre)

Artisti Austriaci a Roma, Palazzo Braschi, Rome (Italie)
Malerei in Österreich 1945-95, Künstlerhaus, Vienne (Autriche)
Mysterium Wein, Historisches Museum der Pfalz, Speyer (Allemagne)
Chaos, Wahnsinn, Kunsthalle Krems, Krems (Allemagne)
L’Art au Corps, Musée D’Art Contemporain, Marseille (France)

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (Pays-Bas)
Kunsthalle, Budapest (Hongrie)
L’Art Contemporain Autrichien, Rouen, Caen (France)

L’ Incanto e la Transcendenza, Castel Ivano, Trento (Italie)
Il Paese Della Meraviglie e le Tavole Della Legge, Castello di Volpaia, Volpaia (Italie)

Akademie Der Künste, Berlin (Allemagne)

Hors Limits, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (France)
L’ Incanto e la Transcendenza, Castel Ivano, Trento (Italie)
Il Paese Della Meraviglie e le Tavole Della Legge, Castello di Volpaia, Volpaia (Italie)
Casula, Kunststation St. Petri, Köln (Allemagne)

Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm (Suède)

Gegenwart-Ewigkeit , Gropiusbau, Berlin (Allemagne)

Luhring Augustine & Hodes, New York, NY (USA)

Teilnahme an der Biennale, Sydney (Australie)
Luhring Augustine & Hodes, New York, NY (USA)

Hirschhorn Museum, Washington, DC (USA)

Austrian Drawing, Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (USA)
Rennweg, Sala Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Madrid (Espagne)
Dal Profondo, Padiglione D’Arte Contemoranea, Milan (Italie)
Beuys zu Ehren, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich (Allemagne)

Brus, Rainer, Nitsch, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York, NY (USA)

Der Hang zum Gesamtkunstwerk, Ausstellung von HaraldSzeemann u. a., Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienne (Autriche)

Documenta VII, Kassel (Allemagne)

69th Action (3 hours), New York Art Fair, New York, NY (USA)

Documenta V, Kassel (Allemagne)
39th Action (2 hours), Everson Museum, Syracuse, New York, NY (USA)
40th Action (first 12 hour action), Mercer Arts Center, New York, NY (USA)
58th Action (2 hours), Western Front Society, Vancouver (Canada)
59th Action (2 hours), Laica and SSB, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Happening und Fluxus, Kunstverein, Köln (Allemagne)
33rd Action (2 hours), Douglas College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (USA)
34th Action (2 hours), New York State University, Binghampton, New York, NY (USA)

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