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Tjok Dessauvage

Born in: 1948 Belgium

Tjok Dessauvage

Jacques (Tjok) Dessauvage is a ceramicist born in 1948 in Belgium.

When he was a child, he was very interested in the archeological sites near his school, especially in the ceramic debris and Roman pottery. He decided to join the Hoger Institut in Ghent, where he had Joost Maréchal as a teacher.

He did not finish his studies and decided to learn more about ceramic art by himself. His work examines the archetypal form, a support for his research on nature, signs and symbols that he reinvents thrugh ancient techniques such as "Terra Sigillata" (he is one of the most important specialists in this technique). Tjok Dessauvage is a membe of the International Academy of Ceramics.
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Tjok Dessauvage, Univers parallèles, Sculpture

Tjok Dessauvage

Univers parallèles, 2017
7.1 x 9.8 x 9.8 inch


Few works remaining by Tjok Dessauvage

These are the last remaining works by Tjok Dessauvage.
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It is high time to rekindle the stars

Galerie Capazza

It is high time to rekindle the stars
From March, 25 To May, 28 2017

  • sculpture

  • abstract sculpture

  • terracotta sculpture

  • belgian artist